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Bleeding - Behind Transparent Walls Award winner

Behind Transparent Walls
by Mark Sworder at 30 April 2015, 8:04 PM

How to describe "Behind Transparent Walls", the debut album from BLEEDING… for a start, you're getting top-notch progressive metal - big grooves, tight musicianship, guitar solos that cut right through, and eclectic changes in pace. But imagine combining that with vocals that are like an eccentric concoction of both Klaus Meine and Serj Tankian. You probably think that sounds bizarre but totally amazing, and this 5-piece from northern Germany prove that to be exactly the case!

The band show their hand immediately from the opening track, wasting no time in delivering excellent heavy riffs and seamless changes in atmosphere and rhythm. The real icing on the cake, however, is the vocal performance of Haye Graf, who adds the light and shade required to make the most of the musical canvas laid down by the rest of the band. In addition to ranging from aggressive to melodic, elements of lunacy and insanity creep into his voice at times, truly making for an involving listening experience.

Tracks like "Symbol of the Sun" expertly demonstrates the inherent talent that this band possess. Making use of a slower tempo and acoustic guitars during the lengthy intro, it offers a respite from the prior intensity, yet subtly builds the tension for the moment the dam breaks and the song kicks into overdrive - it's the calm in the eye of the storm! BLEEDING's ability to pull the listener in like this, and have them invest in the eclectic mix of feelings presented, is reminiscent of SYSTEM OF A DOWN at their best.

A further highlight comes in the form of the final two tracks, "Solitude Pt. 1" and "Solitude Pt. 2", which together form a near 13-minute epic, and continues to add strings to the bands musical bow. The first part makes great use of samples, acoustic tones and haunting backing vocals to again build tension, before the music heads back towards more familiar territory, although with more space for ideas to breath and a story to be told.

With their debut album, BLEEDING have crafted a stunning work, featuring a range of atmosphere, mood and emotion. Not many bands, of any level, produce an album that is this consistently enjoyable throughout, where not a single moment or idea outstays its welcome. Get hold of a copy of "Behind Transparent Walls", and give it a blast - you won't be disappointed!

4 Star Rating

1. Behind Transparent Walls
2. Fading World
3. Humanoluminiscence
4. Symbol of the Sun
5. Madness
6. Infinite Jest
7. Solitude Pt. 1
8. Solitude Pt. 2
Marc Nickel – Guitars, Bass
Jörg von der Fecht – Guitars, Bass
Haye Graf – Vocals, Keyboards
Marc Kriese – Bass
Michael Leska – Drums
Record Label: Pure Prog Records


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