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Bleeding Fist - Death's Old Stench

Bleeding Fist
Death's Old Stench
by Jorge "The Zarto" Zamudio at 18 March 2014, 1:06 AM

For the first time ever, I heard a band from Slovenia, and I can say that I am pleasantly surprised, Metal could come out from any part and anywhere, although innovation could not come from anyone, and this case is no exception to that rule.

This production is a compilation of 8 years of hard work, one full length, EP’s, demos, splits, showing this band has always been busy and despite the distance of their country to metal (personal opinion, do not know any band from there), they are always there, insisting and keeping strong. The music characterizes for being as aggressive as they need to, mixing thrash elements with the characteristic black metal sound/imagery, they remind me VENOM along the way, CELTIC FROST in the spoken passages, and DESTRUCTION in some way (old releases of course).

The riffs are good, the drums sound well, although rhythmically change from song to song, the sound is consistent, bass lines are pretty well too, and the voice is nothing spectacular, I believe is the last thing they want to show, it makes me feel that they take the vocals more like filling, than work on them, the whole album is strong and raw… and this is the bad part: the production is awful, they want to emulate the classic albums but guess what? That has been done a thousand times before (and half of them have been horrible), with all the good ideas put in the compilation, all the elements this band reunites in one song, they could make a bigger impact, this time have failed because of simply getting into HELLHAMMER’s memento, that has left something clear to all the bands in the underground scene: they were HELLHAMMER, they ones and only, the rest are imitations that will succumb into the ears of diehard fans that will never ask you for more.

All in all, this band to me has a lot of potential, they have creativeness in their minds, and this compilation has very good moments, very good atmospheres, which are eclipsed only by the horrible production put on it. Keep on guys; you have all a good band needs, and make yourself a favor: alter that damn sound engineer please.

3 Star Rating

1. Angel Negro (Intro)
2. Holy Saint of Death
3. Brotherhood of Chaos and Death
4. Revelation of Degenesis
5. The Veiled Crowned Queen
6. De La Muerte (Intermezzo
7. Azazel
8. Death Almighty Death
9. Blackened Illumination
10. Tweens of Darkness and Evil
11. Cursed Blood
12. Prelude to the Total Death 266 (Outro)
Infernal Karbürator - Bass
Hellscream - Vocals
Krieg - Drums
Jex - Guitars
Record Label: Moribund Cult Records


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