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Bleeding Utopia - Where The Light Comes To Die Award winner

Bleeding Utopia
Where The Light Comes To Die
by Craig Rider at 19 April 2019, 3:34 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: BLEEDING UTOPIA; signed via Black Lion Records, hailing from Swedish grounds - performing Melodic Death Metal, on their 3rd album entitled: “Where The Light Comes To Die” (released March 22nd, 2019).

Since formation in 2003 (as OPERATION SIDEFFECT until 2004)(2004-2009 as DELICIOUS DEFORMED), (and now as BLEEDING UTOPIA) …the band in question have an EP; a Single, and 3 full-length albums in their discography so far. I am introduced to their 3rd album entitled: “Where The Light Comes To Die”. 9 tracks ranging at around 42:39; BLEEDING UTOPIA arrange an intricately designed formula of Melodic Death Metal developments. The hellish; operatic ritual: “Ascendents Of Hate” begins the record, conveying harmomic deadliness – amplifed adrenaline, amalgamated into a barraged frenzy of boistrously bouncy chugs and fiercely composed galloping…bringing crunchy attributes and adroit grit of concretely gnarly flair. Hardened hymns, converged with catchy fluid - polished persistently with relentlessly rhythmic ramifications.

Consisting of David on vocals; the frontman demonstrates consistently complex pipes of profusely robust savagery, guttural growling of raspy vehemence and a vast ultilization of uniquely versatile rushes of wildly sinister shrieking prowess. “Seek Solace In Throes” distributes dominating creativity; captivated diversity, dynamic diligence and efficient dexterity from crafting guitar duo Andreas & Chris – administering blistering riffs and thunderous solos that scream with vengeful variety…viciously showcasing quintessential melodies of progressively primitive technicalities. “Enhance My Wrath” fabricates flamboyantly constructive distinctions of distinguishable finesse; forging frolicking haste, embellishing on experimental evolution and a host of hostile inventivity – detailing immersive juxtapositions of jumpy jams, with explosive firepower and expertise.

Already Dead” implements impressive elements of killer innovations; lacerating rip-roaring nimbleness, rapidly swift virtuosity…pursuited with pummelling pounding from audible bassist Fredrik; injecting infectious dosages of battering adversity - orchestrating onimously rampaging stampedes of stomping thumps, transistioned .with rambunctious remedies which rage with prominent precision. “Welcome To My Pantheon” executes excelling compositions of meticulous manifestations; maliciously providing prestigiously wondrous quakes of melo-death subjugations, reminding me of BLOODSHOT DAWN - instrumentally. Hammering drummer: Adam pounds his mettle with full-throttle speed; fueled with groovy, head-hooking slams with striking roars that rip with remarkable velocity.

Crown Of Horns” examines solid soundscapes with riveting tempos that portray monstrously meaty noise; hints of symphonic terror, and salubrious techniques that submerges skull-smashing jolts of lightning bolt electricity…culminated with an atmosphere of threatening sensations like barbaric anguish and berserk majesty of tormenting stability. “Ruthless Torment” is as described on the tin; remorseless yet turbocharged with volatile, mass-produced results – revolved mayhem supplying organic substance and songwriting memorability that is both original and combustioned with splendid sound production momentum. “Ill And Daunting Perversions” contrasts into a borderline foundation of punchline rawness; melancholy, and a firm fretwork of dimensions in which shine with unprecedented ultimatums.

Overall concluding “Where The Light Comes To Die” with the finale track: “Heralds Of Hate And Defiance”; I am compelled to say that BLEEDING UTOPIA certainly outdone themselves with this one, a sonically seamless outburst of extreme aggression and agonizing abilities …make this one a metal maniacs wet dream come true - worth the time.

Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Originality: 9
Sound Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Ascendants of Hate
2. Seek Solace in Throes
3. Enhance My Wrath
4. Already Dead
5. Welcome to My Pantheon
6. Crown of Horns
7. Ruthless Torment
8. Ill and Daunting Perversions
9. Heralds of Hate and Defiance
Andreas - Guitar
David - Vocals
Chris - Guitar
Fredrik - Bass
Adam - Drums
Record Label: Black Lion Records


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