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Bleeth – Harbringer

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 04 June 2021, 9:39 AM

Miami's Experimental Post Metal band BLEETH is a well-known secret among South Florida denizens. Their visceral heavy sound is grounded in an aggressively melodious genre-fusing experience. Since their formation in 2014 they have been featured on Miami New Times as part of the essential metal bands to see when visiting. BLEETH’s self-released 2015 EP, “Re-animator,” took them touring up and down the East Coast, ultimately catching the attention of Anti-Language Records (LA), who released the band’s first full-length album on August 3rd, 2018. Now, they return with “Harbringer,” which contains six tracks.

“Initiation” leads off the album. It opens with thick rhythm guitars and a slow, grinding groove. The female clean vocals give off a Doomy vibe. The drums pick up along with the guitars at the half-way mark, marching into chaos. Ryan’s meaty bass lines give the song a full sound. “Skin of Your Teeth” is brief, three-minute track, beginning with a heavy and dissonant riff, and shouted male vocals. There is an eerie slide up and down the fretboard, as they pound the sound into the dirt.

“False Prophets” is a two-and-a-half-minute song, featuring clean female vocals and a jumpy, aggressive bass line. The vocals echo inside your head, and the guitars create an eerie sense of being. It ends on a tough passage. “Convenient Drowning” is under two-minutes in length, but it’s as if a bomb went off. Shouted male vocals and chunky bass lines give way to absolute pandemonium. “Pendulum” is another short track that features more of those meaty bass lines and dissonant guitars. The shouted vocals over heavy guitar accents lead to a fuller sound towards the end.

“Dystopia for Dessert” closes the album. It begins with a steady pounding of your head. Back to female vocals, it settles into a lumbering pace that lingers on your senses, ending with some emotive yells. The album as a whole has an apocalyptic feeling to it…war, guns, bombs, shattered lives and the end of the world. Six songs were the perfect choice here. Any more, and the album would have run the risk of too many songs sounding too much alike. BLEETH do indeed have a unique sound, and they know what they want out of their music. There could be some small improvements, but it’s good. If you are looking for something off the beaten path, I recommend you give this a go.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Initiation
2. Skin of Your Teeth
3. False Prophets
4. Convenient Drowning
5. Pendulum
6. Dystopia for Dessert
Lauren Palma – Guitars, Vocals
Ryan Rivas – Bass, Vocals
Juan Londoño – Drums
Record Label: Seeing Red Records


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