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Blight - The Teachings

The Teachings
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 18 February 2017, 11:53 AM

Black Metal evolved a lot since the 90s, when it gained strength and proper features. But that raw and aggressive form of making Black Metal, in the nearest the band can sound from that form created by MAYHEM, BURZUM, DARKTHRONE and others, still holds an inspiring charm. So, we can say that the Canadian veterans from BLIGHT are really doing a good work in this vein, as we can hear on their new EP, called “The Teachings”. They are creative and different, but keep the fidelity to that sound in the same vein from the earlier bands, but just with a better sound quality and some bit of a modern insight. They are brutal, savage and morbid, but always very good.

Jean-Baptiste Joubaud made the recording and mixing, and Tom Waltz is the one who made the mastering. Although their music is really in that way from the past, their sound quality is really good keeping that raw and aggressive charm, but with the needed quality. The artwork from Nicola Samori is really impressive as well, sending shivers run down our spines.

“For the Pact to be Writ” is really a song in the vein of the SWOBM, with nasty and raw guitar riffs and an introspective and somber atmosphere. On “Sovereign (Suffering) Gestalt”, the vocals are excellent on this song with hooking tempos and good work from bass guitar and drums. The aggressiveness and raw vocals on “Cernuous” is amazing, along with a good technique used on the instrumental. Brutal and straight to the point is “Magna Arcana”, another one with excellent work from the rhythmic session of the band. And “VoidLight” is filled with a dense and morbid feeling, that same one that can disturbs the sleep of some late ate night, reinforced by the nasty vocals and hypnotic guitars.

A very good work, indeed, but we want more!

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. For the Pact to be Writ
2. Sovereign (Suffering) Gestalt
3. Cernuous
4. Magna Arcana
5. VoidLight
G. McCaughry - Vocals
Pascal Pelletier - Guitars
Cedric Deschamps - Bass
Rob Lapalme - Drums
Record Label: Heathen Tribes Records


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