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Blind Race - Come And Get It

Blind Race
Come And Get It
by Andrew Sifari at 30 October 2014, 12:55 AM

Come And Get It” is the second EP and third release overall from Toronto Metal band BLIND RACE. Further developing their sound from their previous releases, the group’s signature brand of dark, powerful Alternative Metal is on full display across the EP’s five tracks.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the band, I would describe their sound as something like a mix between VOLBEAT and GODSMACK, but noticeably heavier and with a much more serious tone. There is also a prominent groove element present, particularly in the hostile, no-nonsense opener “Hypocrite” as well as the blistering riffs of the high-octane title track. I know that Metal fans pride their music on remaining mostly an underground phenomenon, but I could totally hear these guys on the radio, which I don’t say to simply lump them in with the legions of today’s jock-rock bands. They definitely have the songs to back up their superb musicianship, with a precise yet pummeling rhythm section synchronized expertly with the guitar riffs.

Hopeless” burns with intensity, every bit more powerful at its slower pace. And, so as to remind the listener that ‘Alternative’ doesn’t mean they are too (insert your own adjective) for shredding solos, Costas Kentros lets it fly with some superb lead work here, and opens up the fantastic, similarly visceral “Truth Or Dare” with a neat arpeggiated lick before setting his fret board ablaze once more just before the song’s conclusion. Both songs give a bit of variety, alternating the heavier moments with more mellow, acoustic-based sections, though “Gone” serves as the only real curveball on the album, a stripped-down acoustic piece that reminds me of old VAN HALEN acoustic songs, but with a PEARL JAM influence to it. While it lacks the in-your-face energy of the prior songs, it is a welcome treat nonetheless.

It may be a small sample size, but I feel like the latest effort from BLIND RACE paints the picture of a band firing on all cylinders. A mature, dynamic, and memorable release, fans of Alternative and traditional Heavy Metal alike will find a lot to like on “Come And Get It.”

4 Star Rating

1. Hypocrite
2. Come And Get It
3. Hopeless
4. Truth Or Dare
5. Gone
Tommy Geraldes - vocals
Costas Kentros - guitars
Stelios Kentros - drums
Mike Ferraro - bass
Joannie Cotten - keyboard
Record Label: Independent


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