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Blind Date - Blind Date (CD)

Blind Date
Blind Date
by Grigoris Chronis at 24 December 2006, 7:36 PM

This can as well be the most brilliant album Perris Records has released up to date. It's to easy to just write go get the fuckin' album asap but then there'll be no review added below. BLIND DATE offered some treasures from the past and it's good to see people still being interested in unveiling such hidden gems to feed our appetite and 'enrich' our delight towards valuable music (genre general).
This decent stuff is a total of songs recorded for an album that never saw the light of day by this great US melodic Hard Rock band. Similar to the likes of bands of the era (late 80s/early 90s), Blind Date can bring early TYKETTO, DANGER DANGER, DOKKEN and even LEATHERWOLF to mind from the very beginning. Various tempos - rolling out rather smoothly - mix with sharp yet 'sweet' guitar riffing and some 'heavy' rhythm section from talented but also 'party' musicians. Added, the vocals of Buster Grant seem 'honest' enough in both joyful and gloomy tunes, confirming his relation to the atmosphere of the era in the US. The solo work is tremendous, I have to add, while the keys support does not override the rock 'n' roll feeling after all.
There's no bad track in the listing above. Still, some personal faves sum it up to Broken Promises (Mr. Lynch, here I come!), Can You Feel It (the Y&T legacy?) and We Keep Falling In Love (please don't leave me babe!), while - last but not least - the certain production 'touch' ensures the relief an 80s melodic Hard Rock fan will feel after the first audition is over.
Blind Date is rather 'heavy' for the current Melodic Rock fan, take care. It has the 80s spirit; beware if you like your CD filled with keys and deep passionate voices. It is rather far away from credited as a 'Hair Metal' album, since this Austin, TX quintet had enough will to bring their musical flexibility in front of their pretty faces/clothes/hair. Need more to mention? BLIND DATE present a blast from the past, a deal with the devil than naver came then, but - you know - act fast if you find it! Enough already written.

4 Star Rating

Don't Wait Up
Can You Feel It
She's Walking
Daddy's Little Girl
Broken Promises
Everybody's Baby
We Keep Falling In Love
Without Your Love
When I'm Alone
Buster Grant - Vocals
JB Slimp - Guitars, Keys & Backing Vocals
Mark Elis - Guitars, Keys & Backing Vocals
Darren Keeling - Bass & Backing Vocals
Chris Didear - Drums & Backing Vocals
Record Label: Perris Records


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