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Blind Dog - The Last Adventures Of Captain Dog (CD)

Blind Dog
The Last Adventures Of Captain Dog
by Stathis Giannakopoulos at 28 June 2001, 10:13 PM

First of all I have to say that I haven't started a war against 'I used to fuck people like you in prison records'. We just can't stand their releases and definitely we can live without them. What do we have here? Oh, well we have some guys who believe that they play a mix between Metallica of 'Kill 'em all' era, Megadeth and Jethro Tull ( From 'Agualung' without the flute). My opinion? YEAH RIGHT! HA, in your wet dreams!

Yeah, they have some influences from Metallica on drums, vocals and stuff but those influences are from the 'Load' and 'Reload'- era and not from the 'Kill em all' one. We all want an album like 'Kill 'em all' because we miss the golden years of Metallica but come on guys! Do you really believe that your album has influences from 'Kill 'em all'. Yeah maybe some if we search enough. On the other hand do you know how important band Jethro Tull is? You need BIG balls in order to reach the greatness of Jethro Tull. Ok , you'll tell me 'we didn't say straight that we sound like a mix of Metallica and Jethro Tull' but your biography or something says ' If you think an all-out jam session with 'Kill 'em all' - era Metallica members and 'Agualung' - era of Jethro Tull ( minus the flute..) Would be a monumental event, then it is absolutely imperative that you obtain you very own copy of this jambbalaya of monstrous rock'. How about this? Do you really believe that you have create an album of monstrous rock? Take track 3 for example. This guy thinks that he is James Hetfield. James.. Is that you?

Hey don't they have any good moments. Oh, well I'm not that bad. Yeah, they have a few good moments. The 3rd track is very good though it's pure Metallica. I like it. The 5th one is great too. Yeah, that's a nice one I like it. It's the most talented band of 'I used to fuck people like you in prison records'. They have some good riffs and a few good tracks but that's all. Their music sounds original from time to time but then again you think that you are listening to James Hetfield and Metallica of 'Load' and 'Reload' and you say.. Oh, well.. What are they trying to do? I have nothing against you guys (of Blind Dog) and you can say that our influences are Metallica and Jethro Tull. I can agree with that. Yeah you have influences! All the musicians have influences but I think it's not your fault. Your company wrote this shit. It's your first album so you only have to work, work and work again. Put your head down and work try to become more original and there you are. I'm not a God to judge you and keep in mind that we see everything through the eye of the fan.

2 Star Rating

10.000 reasons
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…. ( Editor's Note: Here's a title with nasty letters that you can't read)
John Berry- Guitar and Guitar Synth
Jaokim Thell - Guitars, mouth organ
Tobias Nilsson - Bass,Vocals
Thomas Elenvik - Drums
Record Label: I used to fuck people like you in prison


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