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Blindeath - Into The Slaughter Award winner

Into The Slaughter
by V. Srikar at 17 October 2014, 5:23 AM

It’s really hard for the few new old school Metal bands to convince the majority of metalheads, especially the ones struck with albums before mid-1990s. No matter how good the music is, they swear by the old bands for all their lives. I fear this old school Thrash band BLINDEATH may end up being that way, because the music is really good, very catchy and easy to get hooked if you’re a Thrasher.

Everything about “Into The Slaughter” brings joy to my ears and is one of those albums that stays on your playlist for ages. Even after listening to the album many times, I find it hard to pick a stand out song, and I guess that works for the band here, as there are no weak songs here, and each song brings something new to the table (like the low tempo instrumental “2977”). Blasting fast paced riffs, backed by mind blowing heavy drum beats and the catchy screaming vocals, everything about this record will please the seasoned Thrasher. The bass too is great and backs the guitars in tandem and works just fine. With song names like “Moshing Maniax” and “Welcome To The Thrash Party” and backed by relatable quality Thrash attack, this record has everything in it to be a treat to Thrash connoisseur. The album ends with a 6 min Thrash attack named “Feast Of Blood”, again with really great riffs and heavy shit. If you’re looking for solos in this album, you will be disappointed by and large, as except for the last aforementioned song, no other song has any recognisable solo and the band solely depends on great riffs and the high tempo mode of most of the songs.

The production seems to be pretty good and I am not going to give too much importance to the lyrics as in genre like this, any lyrics would do with good music, hahaha. But as a whole  this is very impressive album and the only critic I have in this is the album cover art as it looks like a cheap Japanese cartoon and not a Thrash album cover art by any means. So these Italian Thrashers have almost hit the bulls’ eye with their debut full length album and I expect great things from them in the future and go check this album out without any second thoughts.


4 Star Rating

1. Blood and Guts
2. Murdered By the Beast
3. Toxic War
4. Moshing Maniax
5. Arcadia
6. 2977
7. Rebels Die Hard
8. Welcome to the Thrash Party
9. Feast Of Blood
Gioele Zoppellaro - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Simone Aiello - Lead Guitar, Voice
Luca Frisenna - Bass
Danilo Sunna - Drums
Record Label: Earthquake Terror Noise


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