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Blinded Colony - Bedtime Prayers (CD)

Blinded Colony
Bedtime Prayers
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 11 March 2007, 7:10 PM

Are you aware of the fact that if your day begins like shit, your whole day will be shit? That's how my day was today and I don't wish to make it even worse. I am not in a mood to listen to some clones of well-known bands! Wake up people! Create something that will not be the same with another million releases out there!

BLINDED COLONY play what has become more classic than 80's Heavy Metal nowadays, Swedish Death Metal. As you understood, these guys hail from Sweden. They were formed in January 2000. This is their second full-length album (their first one was Divine (2003) and was released through Scarlet Records).

I read something in their official website that made me laugh until my stomach exploded. I will just write the exact excerpt. Never imitating, but building upon the bricks laid by bands like THE HAUNTED, SOILWORK, IN FLAMES and CHILDREN OF BODOM blah blah blah… What I came across upon placing this album in my CD player was a complete rip off! Imagine a mix between SOILWORK and old IN FLAMES. The production is kick-ass indeed, but everything in this album is copied and pasted from other, great bands of this genre. Let's be a bit more serious! At least don't say such big words in your website guys! Nobody said that every NWOSDM band plays something different and unique, but at least they do not say stuff like that! If I hadn't listened to anything coming from the Swedish Death Metal scene, I would say that these guys kick some major ass, but unfortunately for them there are listeners who have some experience. I would like to make clear that it is not a bad album; it is just an album that cannot give me what I ask from a NWOSDM release.

If you still have not been bored of bands that have exactly the same voice (distortion pedals can make incredible stuff nowadays), the same production and almost the same riffing, you have to buy this album. Now, if you are a listener that demands something more from an album, you already know what to do.

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Johan Schuster - Vocals
Tobias Olsson - Guitar
Johan Blomstrom - Guitar
Roy Erlandsson - Bass
Staffan Franzen - Drums
Record Label: Pivotal Rockordings


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