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Blister Brigade - Slugfest Supreme

Blister Brigade
Slugfest Supreme
by Craig Rider at 18 March 2020, 3:16 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: BLISTER BRIGADE; signed via Inverse Records, hailing from Swedish grounds - performing Hard Rock, on their 3rd album entited: "Slugfest Supreme" (released February 21st, 2020).

Since formation in 2010; the quartet in question have an EP entitled: "Pissed, Outraged And Outgunned" (released in 2018), and 3 albums with the first being: "To Serve And Punish" (released in 2013); "The Executioner" (released in 2016, and this here 3rd album entitled: "Slugfest Supreme". 11 tracks ranging at around 42:73; BLISTER BRIGADE arrange an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Hard Rock developments, the titular introductory track starts things off with revelling hype and an acoustic-driven harmony for what's to come…almost a concept that perseves itself to be a bit like an operatic rocker… advancing to "Ready To Crumble" which blows that assumption away - conveys amplified adrenaline, boistrously bouncy grooves and an adroit execution of riveting versatility. Implementing crunchy doses of unique vehemence, rocketing manifestations & meticulously meaty panache - this outrè forge a promising slab of solid virtuosity & quintessential vibrancy.

Consisting of Gustav Lund on rhythm/lead guitars/vocals; the frontman demonstrates a concrete flair of upbeat creativity, delivering a barraged frenzy of sonically seamless riffs that thunder with chugging frolicks & gnarly craftsmanship. "Let's Storm The Walls" excels a clean fabrication of melliflious melodies transistioned with throaty yells that amalgamate high-pitched pipes with soaring lungs in which scream with profusely robust stability. Outbursting with trailblazing sharpness, razor-ripping shreds & complexly dynamic dexterity. Cristoffer Strand also on lead/rhythm guitar coherently compiles euphonically mesmerizing ramifications; showcasing momentously primitive substance, relentlessly raw tightness & rough momentum. "Arson" also articulates in immersive detail, diligently distinguished into a fluidly polished sound production and a borderline foundation of punchy fretworks embellish on experimental nimbleness with rapidly swift substance.

Anders Gustavsson on the audible bass injects an infectiously flamboyant element of organic fuzziness, chunky distortion & gritty finesse. Striking with sublime thumpiness, while pulsating killer jumpiness & volatile snappiness. "Through Murky Times" tones the rocking vibe with a ballady aesthetic; harnessing an elegantly exquisite flavour into a diversely creative quirk of variety, primitive precision & epic contrast. Rickard Lundmark on the hammering drums batters his steel with rambunctiously rich styles that portray quaking perseverence, persistent pandemonium & hasteful havoc - especially in the lacerating "S.M.M" (Sweet. Metal. Mayhem in its inital form)…an immensely catchy belter for sure. Subjugating wildly rushing tempos; energetic firepower, and an inventively blistering systematic of synergetic results.

"Damaged Goods" establishes a salubriously speedy tradition of old-school indie hymns, hardened into a bombarding barrier of gripping hooks and consistently classic instrumentation fuelled into a grandiose grandure of prodegiously prestigious orchestration modernized with frantic fidelity culminating dominating flair while materialized into an hellish crossfire of monstrous savagery…juxtaposed into an easy-listening captivation. "Disintergrate" is another semi-balladic track; caressing eardrums with wonderous performances, and a blissful embodiment of professional songwriting musicianship while still providing a hybrid dimension of hefty grinds with subtly mighty percussive yet bedrocking beats. "Venomous Twister" merges neckbreaking mobility with remarkably talented potential; stampeding with thick, retro rock snarls and galloping frolicks charge a splendid prerequisite of zest.

The penultimate track "Pounding The Deadbeat" does exactly that; pummelling with rampently ponderous rumbling, layered into a charm that oozes wickedly mandatory madness while revolved around an enjoyably entertaining experience that will have fists held high and feet tapping. Overall concluding "Slugfest Supreme" with the finale: "Burn My World Alive; in which kept with the flow, enforced with reverberating patterns & remedious relishments make this record strong & worthwhile listen. BLISTER BRIGADE certainly outdone themselves with this one, and is definitely a discovery that should please most metal rocking maniacs - do check it out.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Sound Production: 8

4 Star Rating

01. Slugfest Supreme
02. Ready To Crumble
03. Let’s Storm The Walls
04. Arson
05. Through Murky Times
06. S.M.M
07. Damaged Goods
08. Disintegrate
09. Venomous Twister
10. Pounding The Deadbeat
11. Burn My World Alive
Gustav Lund - Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Vocals
Cristoffer Strand - Rhythm/Lead Guitar
Rickard Lundmark - Drums
Anders Gustavsson - Bass
Record Label: Inverse Records


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