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BlitZ – Take No Prisoners (Live)

Take No Prisoners (Live)
by Frank Dashwood at 08 November 2021, 6:34 AM

What is it about the Brits, and their waves? First there was the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, and now the “New Wave Of Classic Rock” is supposedly coming in. How real this “wave” is, I cannot rightly say, but I’ve reviewed enough material lately that could easily pass as “Classic Rock”, that I have to believe at least the ground-swell for such a musical movement does in fact exist.  If you needed physical proof to back up any such claim, BLITZ would definitely qualify.

This band is terribly interesting. The music isn’t all that complex, and yet I found myself continually forgetting that it was being delivered via a power-trio. Funny thing, a fictional power-trio (THE LONE RANGERS) performed a song in the movie “Airheads” called “Degenerated”. For some reason “Damage Is Done” reminded me a lot of it. The rhythm, leads, and bass were very similar in attack, and tone between both bands. The difference being that BLITZ takes having your attention seriously, and fills out every beat of their songs so well, that you’d swear there were at least 4 guys up there on stage.

Much of this album consisted of really positive anthems. Messages that you just need to hear on occasion. Hard-won lessons from loved ones, instructors, teachers, and mentors delivered in your time of need. “Damage Is Done”, “Don’t Look Back”,  “Breaking Out”, Keep Moving On”. It’s not just the titles of the songs though. The themes are said in such a way, that you know they are the product of both advice that was followed, and later appreciated, and also that advice that was disregarded, and learned “the hard way”.

“Keep Moving On” has to be my favorite song on this album. It’s just so uplifting, and speaks to me on a very personal level. Throughout my life I’ve heard these affirmations over, and over “Keep moving on”, “your time will come”, “you’re going to prove them wrong”, and often from people who meant a lot to me. Every phrase of this song is a continuous bitch-slap for those who’ve aspired, tried, fell just a little bit short, and almost lost faith. Get back up bitch! You’re not done yet! Keep moving on!

Throughout this work, the feeling of old, and yet new kept coming to me. The music was very approachable, and could have been picked off of any rock/hard rock album released from sometime in the 1970s to the 90s. But every once in a while, I’d hear a double-bass rip, that probably wasn’t even possible without over-dubbing until the late 80s.  Relatively bare of synthesizers, or sampling, yet overlaid with more modern lead styles/guitar effects. The themes of these anthems, as old as rock itself, yet just as applicable, and relevant today. If the characteristics of a band at all define what musical movement they fit within, I’d say the traits of BLITZ would position it firmly at the base of a “New Wave Of British Classic Rock”.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Damage Is Done
2. Don’t Look Back
3. One In A Million
4. Breaking Out
5. Party Time
6. 99 Ways
7. Waiting For A Miracle
8. Rock City Nights
9. Love Is A War
10. Dance On Fire
11. Believe
12. Keep Moving On
Stewart - Vocals/Bass
Kevin - Guitars
Matt - Drums
Record Label: KSM Records and Entertainment


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