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Blitzkrieg - A Time Of Changes (Reissue)

A Time Of Changes (Reissue)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 15 June 2017, 10:59 PM

It certainly was a time of changes, and not only the UK, the natural breeding ground of Metal music, but also worldwide. As Metal music started getting even more recognized by the public and the media, mainly thanks to the rising stars of the NWOBHM, names that existed for some time started checking in with official releases. BLITZKRIEG, earlier with a short lived moniker SPLIT IMAGE, slowly became one of the stronger names in the British Metal scene. Even though not reaching the same altitudes as IRON MAIDEN or JUDAS PRIEST or SAXON, the band from Leicester was, and still is, a driving force. Dating back to 1980, throughout its career the band had twists and turns along with numerous hiatuses. After releasing a few songs, the band came up with their debut album, “A Time Of Changes” in 1985, originally released via the home for NWOBHM bands, Neat Records. Dissonance Productions reissued this important pinnacle in the evolvement of British Metal.

In comparison to the variety of NWOBHM albums I listened to, it appeared to me that there was a slight change of approach within the BLITZKRIEG material. Unlike the glorification of the twin guitar harmonies, “A Time Of Changes” provides an image of heaviness, largely focusing on strong rhythm guitar riffery, which shards of it were the basis for other subgenres that came along, or that already started raising their heads. However, the spiritual atmosphere of NWOBHM, portrayed through the dirty sound and of course the cold and furious banshee signature vocals of Brian Ross (SATAN), is alive and kicking. Furthermore, the songwriting displays a rather simple manifold of songs, not trying to reach a complex level, in contrast to IRON MAIDEN for instance, but rather heading towards the lines of SAXON and bands alike.

I believe that one of the best decisions of BLITZKRIEG, probably initiated by Brian Ross, was to cover an old SATAN track that was released in a demo tape before him joining the band near the period of the debut “Court In Act” album. “Pull The Trigger”, other than the BLITZKRIEG’s original “Blitzkrieg” song featured within the tracklist, is probably one of the few relics that greatly captivate the NWOBHM movement in all of its glory. With Brian Ross at the helm, along with the playing abilities of his band mates, “Pull The Trigger” sounded even stronger than its original form. Coming back to the song “Blitzkrieg”, which was released as a single four years before the album, as part of the “Buried Alive” single, the song could have been rendered as one of the heaviest in its period, such immense grooving with a sheer Heavy Metal prowess. Probably one of the reasons why it captured the ears of METALLICA that covered it to the B-side of “Kill ‘Em All” debut and even toughened it up a bit.

Heading forward through the tracklist, I enjoyed the heavier Hard Rock “Take A Look Around”, slightly with the old Boogie Rock feel of the late 70s, yet more into the chip of Metal. A well written catchy song that received a proper version after being a part of an earlier demo. “Vikings” was one of the best newest tunes, starting as an atmospheric balladry, capturing Ross’ soothing voice calling the clan to prepare themselves to battle in such an enchanting way, and in due course towards its end, bursting with heat of battle, plunging into heaviness. Other tracks that should have your attention: “Armageddon”, “Hell to Pay” and “A Time Of Changes”.

It was my first time actually trying to analyze “A Time Of Changes”, after listening to it several times in the past. Like always it has been a joyful ride, showing a post NWOBHM going forward in the golden years of Metal.

Purchase Link: Dissonance Productions

4 Star Rating

1. Ragnarok / Inferno
2. Blitzkrieg
3. Pull the Trigger (Satan cover)
4. Armageddon
5. Take a Look Around
6. Hell to Pay
7. Vikings
8. A Time of Changes
9. Saviour
Brian Ross - Vocals
Mick Proctor - Guitars
Jim Sirotto - Guitars
Mick Moore - Bass
Sean Taylor - Drums
Record Label: Dissonance Productions


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