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Block Buster - Losing Gravity

Block Buster
Losing Gravity
by Marco Angileri at 06 November 2019, 4:40 AM

“Losing Gravity” is the first album from BLOCK BUSTER, young hard rock band from Kuopio, Finland, formed by brothers Aarni and Jaakko Metsäpelto, that can brag to have signed for Frontiers, at the moment the most important hard rock label and only for the fact of being under their umbrella makes it worth a listening. The formula proposed by these young Finnish is pretty easy: energetic hard rock without any compromise, from minute 0 to the last one, drawing with both hands from the classic hard rock acts. In general, is an album to be recommended to the fans of seventies and eighties bands

The uptempo of “Out in the City” is opening loudly the album, revealing the formula pursued along the full album: great riffs, catchy chorus, thundering drums. The intro riff of “Flammable” reminds me a lot of Faith No More, although the song has a more catchy chorus and a classic hard rock structure; “Back from the Shadows” has a more rocky initial riff, but follows the catchy structure of its predecessor, but it is interesting to highlight the particular work done with the guitars, that has some similarities with RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE (ok, this comparison is a little bit overstretched, however I like it and gives a good background of the different band influences).

“Losing Gravity” is a mid-tempo that has a nostalgic feeling, while the following “Sweet Mary Jane” has all the elements of a rock’n’roll song.
 “Walking like a Dog” has a chorus and a song structure that winks to pop music, as well as the following “Move”, while “Would you do it again”, especially in the intro and mid part, pays a big tribute to the BON JOVI tradition. “Bulletproof” closes with energy an album that does not have any voltage drop but in my opinion lacks of originality. Of course, is not easy to have original hard rock, but in this case, given also the fact that BLOCK BUSTER is at their debut, it is difficult to understand the direction they are going to take.

“Losing gravity” is a decent album, as said, it lacks in personality, but definitely shows a good band full of energy and enthusiasm, which is always appreciated. There are no real fillers or bad song (I would just mention “Somebody to Shock me” as the only track that did not convince me) as well as there are no real highlights, although the level of all songs is pretty high. Last words regarding the album cover: a nice old sci-fi touch but in my opinion does not fit in the image that the band has or aims – but this is just a side note.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Out in the City
2. Gone by the Morning
3. Flammable
4. Back from the Shadows
5. Losing Gravity
6. Sweet Mary Jane
7. Somebody to Shock me
8. Walking like a Dog
9. Move
10. Would you do it again
11. Bulletproof
Aarni Metasäpelto – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Jaakkoo Metsäpelto – Drums & Vocals
Joonas Arppe – Bass & Vocals
Elias Salo – Lead Guitar & Vocals
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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