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Blodiga Skald - The Undrunken Curse Award winner

Blodiga Skald
The Undrunken Curse
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 02 July 2020, 4:25 AM

When the early works of Metal with Folk music influences appeared, having the English band SKYCLAD, no one could think of how ample in musicality the genre would be in the future. Today, is easy to see and hear bands from all Metal genres the readers could think of using Folk elements. And the Italian sextet BLODIGA SKALD uses deep Folk influences on their second full length, “The Undruken Curse”.

Their music is based on a mix of extreme Folk Metal form in the vein of FINNTROLL but with some orchestrations on keyboards that can bring to mind names as RHAPSODY OF FIRE and TWILIGHT FORCE. But it’s not a copy or a fusion of such bands, but uses these same elements, and creates something really great, heavy and filled with a hypnotic energy. Yes, it’s truly very good, with fine and refined arrangements of violin and accordion, along with some female voices. The key for a good work on Folk Metal is to know how to record and mix such genre, because too many musical instruments can be a headache for any producer. But the sonority of “The Undrunken Curse” is very good and clean, but bearing that essential aggressiveness for extreme Metal bands as well. It’s crude, indeed, but fits perfectly on what the band’s musical work needed. It’s not perfect, though, but it’s very good.

All the songs of the album are great, but the melodic aggressiveness of “The Curse” (very good keyboards and accordion parts, along with very good grunted voices), the elegant arrangements of violins and keyboards contrasting with aggressiveness on “Yargak” and on “Sbabobo”, the sharp and aggressive guitar riffs entangled with great keyboards parts and melodies on “Estelain”, the deeper and melancholic Folk song called “Spirits of Water” (based on a clean acoustic insight with charming female vocals), the climatic Folk essence of “The Sacrifice” (very good work from bass guitar and drums), and… Well, musically, there are nothing to discard from their work, so hear the entire album. It’s easy to be assimilated by the senses, and a lesson of how doing thing with heart.

Yes, these guys have guts and blood in their eyes to make of “The Undrunken Curse” a fun and excellent album, so pay attention to BLODIGA SKALD’s name.

Musicianship: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Curse
2. Yargak
3. Sbabobo
4. Estelain
5. Spirits of Water
6. The Sacrifice
7. Tourdion (instrumental)
8. To the East of Sorrow Town (Circus of Pigsley)
9. Fugue (instrumental)
10. Yo-Oh the Sail is Low
11. Never Leave a Friend Behind
12. TechnoBlodiga!
Axuruk “Jejune” - Vocals
Yindi “Servant of Anor's Flame” - Violin, Female Vocals
Ghâsh “Barbarian Know-All” - Guitars
Tuyla “The Glorious One” - Accordion, Keyboards
Rükreb “The Noble One” - Bass
Vargan “Shepherd Tamburine” - Drums
Record Label: SoundAge Productions


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