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Blodspor - A Healthy Dose of Hatred

A Healthy Dose of Hatred
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 24 May 2015, 8:29 PM

After the first half of the 90s, when Norwegian Black Metal scene came out from the underground to get worldwide attention, the whole thing made all Metal fans look to Norway, to see and hear what the country had to offer. And of course many good bands arose from Black Metal movement to the world. But the effect revealed more bands, from Black Metal, and a little time after, from Metal/Rock bands from Norwegian scene. Yes, many bands from other styles came from the country since then, some into a more extreme form, others in a more experimental and Rock way. And bands like BLODSPOR appeared as well. And the quintet is back with a 4-tracks EP, “A Healthy Dose of Hatred”.

The band is creating something musically aggressive, a fusion between Metal and Hardcore with a Sludge Metal tendency, or we can say, it’s an abrasive way of creating a mass of sound, with screamed grunts, technical and strong riffs with low tunes, and a powerful and heavy work done by bass and drums. It reminds something as we see in bands like Brazilian CONFRONTO or North American HATEBREED, using slow and bitter tempos, but with a good technical insight. And of course, it’s extremely good, a strong and powerful blow on the face of conformity.

In all aspects, the sound quality is very good. Even with the heavy and aggressive side of their music being extremely heard, it’s with a quality clear and loud. So you’ll have no problems to get the main idea of what they’re doing with no problem at all, but will also hear the musical details, that make their music so good.

Their musical hatred is dripping on the floor with these four songs. “All Empires Fall” is a blow in the ears, with abrasive tempos, very god riffs and vocals. In “Bloodmarch”, where good tempos’ changes are presented as well, bass and drums are creating a powerful rhythmic basis. “Fra Krybbe til Grav” recovers a tradition of singing on mother language of many bands from Norway, a strong song, with a groove in the middle of the aggressiveness, along with very good high pitch screamed vocals. And “A Healthy Dose of Hatred” is another dose of abrasive weight, where the guitars are creating very good riffs.

Very good band!

4 Star Rating

1. All Empires Fall
2. Bloodmarch
3. Fra Krybbe til Grav
4. A Healthy Dose of Hatred
Audun - Vocals
Kris - Guitars
Bent - Guitars
Andreas - Bass, Backing Vocals
Lage - Drums
Record Label: Negative Vibe Records


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