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Blood Ages - Godless Sandborn

Blood Ages
Godless Sandborn
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 18 September 2016, 5:47 AM

The French underground is really astonishing sometimes. Their legions of extreme Metal bands really make me think that France is another great warehouse of bands. Thinking about this is evident when listening to "Godless Sandborn,"the second album from the Death Metal quintet BLOOD AGES. They aren't a simple Death Metal band. Their music has a very good technicality, some extreme low grunts in some moments, a creative guitar duo that plays excellent riffs, and a technical and strong rhythmic session (bass guitar and drums uses and abuses of some extremely heavy technique). Even some timid melodies are presented under their oppressive weight of their music. It's good, and uinque. The production of "Godless Sandborn" was done in a way that their musical aggressiveness could be felt as soon as their songs are played. But not without that level of musical clarity that it's a demand for those who want to understand what they are playing.

Raw and aggressive to the bone, "Godless Sandborn" presents some fine moments.  "He Who Came to Defile the World" with its blunt and grasping aggressiveness (created by the work of the rhythmic session and very good guitar riffs), the raw feeling that is presented by guitars and vocals on "Crown Collector" (full of parts that will make you neck ache for days), the broken tempos and melodies in the middle of musical brutality of "From the Void to the Throne" (maybe their best moment, filled with a good level of musical technique and broken tempos), the fast technique of "Backstab" (where some nasty vocals are heard along with fine technical solos from guitars), and the stab in the ears called "Collapse" (good interventions from bass guitar can be heard, along with high pitch screams). They are good, but can become better in the future. For now, "Godless Sandborn" is a good album to be heard.

Originality: 6
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Among the Ashes
2. The Beast Within
3. He Who Came to Defile the World
4. Crown Collector
5. From the Void to the Throne
6. Backstab
7. The Ritual: Soil of the Crawling Chaos
8. Collapse
9. Beyond the Gates of Madness
10. The Maze
Nicolas "Aniki" Gandolphe - Vocals
Augustin Raupp - Guitars
Pat "Billy" Berbié - Guitars
Pierre "Peyo" Borali - Bass
Yohan Frit - Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music Records


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