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Blood Feast - The Future State Of Wicked Award winner

Blood Feast
The Future State Of Wicked
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 01 April 2017, 10:10 AM

Calling all you Thrash Metal fans!

Praise the Thrash Metal juggernauts from New Jersey, for these maniacs and non-political correct abusers of the 80s are unleashing another vicious bloodshed. Yes, BLOOD FEAST is back for one more round, unleashing their musical fury with their third album, “The Future State of Wicked”.

For many people, their music can seem a bit outdated, but it’s not. They ate from the 80s, and not a bunch of disgusting doll clones that recollects clichés. In their hands, their musical Thrash Metal in the old school ways gains life, and becomes a juggernaut able to destroy ears. It’s alive, aggressive, brutal and violent, but played with heart, smashing all those beginners who think they are in the 80s. These guys are not kidding, because this is a Thrash Metal attack with very good raw vocals (very good shrieked tunes), a massive wall of guitar riffs and sickening solos, and a rhythmic session that creates a heavy and technical basis for them. This is what the 80s are about, and this is not for clones!

The key to make “The Future State of the Wicked” an excellent album is the production. First of all, the band looked for instrumental songs that would fit in their musical personality. In second place, the sound quality is dry in the way that all musical instruments and vocal nuances can be heard with no problem, along with the right amount of filthy, rawness and weight. Of course it could be better, but in the way the album sounds it’s truly great.

This infernal blast of energy has ten excellent songs that will make the heart of those old Metalheads like me pulse with joy and will shake your heads. But their best bloodsheds is the harsh and fast “INRI” with its great guitar riffs and solos (the veteran Adam Tranquilli and CJ Scioscia are really an amazing guitar duo with excellent technical work), the massive strike and very good rhythmic work on “Off with Their Heads” (Tom Lorenzo on bass guitar and Joe Moore on drums are making something great, creating a very good rhythmic basis), the catchy and explosive “Brethren”, the nasty bloody murdering called “The Underling” (and Chris Natalini is an excellent and different vocalist, because his aggressive tunes are not common), the excellent tempo changes from “Last Rites”, the blunt assault called “Nein”, and the neck-breaking slash from guitars on “The Burn”.

This album made my mind go back to 1986, when I heard their first demo tape, “The Suicidal Missions” (when they were called BLOODLUST), and became sad because I couldn’t find material from the band due the economic crises here in Brazil (the imported album where extremely expensive). But I am extreme happy to review this album, to feel that BLOOD FEAST is here to preach the Thrash Metal gospel and break many necks.

As we usually said in the 80s: Listen to it or die!

Originality: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

2. Off with Their Heads
3. Brethren
4. By the Slice
5. The Underling
6. Last Rites
7. Who Prays for the Devil
8. Nein
9. Remnants II
10. The Burn
Chris Natalini - Vocals
Adam Tranquilli - Guitars
CJ Scioscia - Guitars
Tom Lorenzo - Bass
Joe Moore - Drums
Record Label: Hells Headbangers Records


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