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Blood God - Blood Is My Trademark Award winner

Blood God
Blood Is My Trademark
by Charlotte "Lotty" Whittingham at 03 October 2014, 4:57 PM

Heavy Metal warriors BLOOD GOD have brought forward their second album titled “Blood Is My Trademark” and after having listened to this it is quite safe to say they won’t be going down quietly in the music industry any time soon.

BLOOD GOD is a subsidiary project to the band DEBAUCHERY and both these Heavy Metal outfits have been releasing prodigals upon us since 2003. The year of 2012 saw the release of BLOOD GOD’s first album “No Brain But Balls”. Influenced by some of metal’s heaviest giants such as AC/DC, JUDAS PRIEST and WASP, they are kicking up a storm with album number two.

The album kicks off in a true Heavy Metal style in the form of opening tracks “Slaughterman” and “Monstermaker”; at first I wasn’t very taken given the unoriginal lyrics and song titles remind me more of LORDI rather than JUDAS PRIEST. As the album progresses however I am brought around by the neck breaking guitar riffs, solos that will make one’s fingers bleed and AC/DC like vocals that add that Metal edge to each of the tracks.

My personal favourite tracks include “Defenders Of The Throne Of Fire”, “Blood Is My Trademark” and “Mr Kill”; these were the godly melodies that burnt any doubt I had about this band and album into the firey pits of hell. With their anthemic choruses and epic guitar solos these tracks are, as the band describes, 666% Pure Metal and you know what? They are absolutely right.

Ending on a positive note with “Dragonbeasts Are Rising” gives you the whole Heavy Metal package on a silver platter.

So overall a truly Metal album that is sure to go down in the epic history of this amazing genre.

4 Star Rating

1. Slaughterman
2. Monstermaker
3. Defenders Of The Throne Of Fire
4. Warhordes From The Underworld
5. Carnager
6. Sexy Music For Sexy People
7. Blood Is My Trademark
8. World Of Blood Gods
9. Mr. Kill
10. Dragonbeasts Are Rising
Mr Debauchery – Demon Screeching, Monster Growls, Sonic Blasters
Mr Kill – Sonic Demonblades
Mr Blood – Blastmaster Bass
Mr Death – Drums Of Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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