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Blood God-Debauchery - Demons Of Rock 'N' Roll Award winner

Blood God-Debauchery
Demons Of Rock 'N' Roll
by Metal Wim at 09 August 2022, 9:24 PM

How the hell do they do it? How on Earth are they able to record the same album twice and give you the feeling that you are listening to two completely different bands. The German rockers of BLOOD GOD are also the German Monster Metallers of DEBAUCHERY. And they have quite the extensive discography, starting from 2003. If you want to find it all, good luck!

But why am I so excited? Because I think we have found the natural follow-up to AC/DC. Musically this is straight up the “Black Ice” and “Pwr Up” street. And in the 37 minutes that each album entails they are showing us that they can at least equal their peers when it comes to writing songs. The big difference between the two albums are the vocals. When BLOOD GOD are playing the voices used are as if Brian Johnson and Udo Dirkschneider have mated and their son is doing the honours. And I just can’t help it. I start to smile, tap along to the music and immensely enjoy “Demons Of Rock 'N' Roll”. And every time I put it on again, that just increases a few notches.

Like I said, the songs are good. What? No they aren’t, they’re bloody brilliant. They have the right groove, the perfect atmosphere and most of all are even more addictive than I ever thought an AC/DC tribute band could be. And that BLOOD GOD voice, well, it has a batter fit than a dirty thrash metal shirt on my crazy colleague Leanne Evans.

Of course, we also have to talk about DEBAUCHERY as well. The same album, only with a grunting singer who has someone shouting in the background. You would think that this combination doesn’t work, but alas, I have to disappoint you, it works bloody well. Once you get into the swing of things you can only applaud the effort the band has put into this version.

All put together I have to conclude that I do have a preference between the two, but I feel that exposing that to you might bias you in your decision which version of “Demons Of Rock 'N' Roll” you like best. And if you do love it as much as I do, look up their earlier efforts. I know I am going to. Well, here we go again, wife out of the door, dog on the balcony, stereo on 10 and my air guitar on the ready. I’m going to “Raze Hell”. Oh, and AC/DC; it’s fine, you can retire now. You’ll never be the same without Malcolm, and your replacement is ready.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

CD1 Blood God
CD2 Debauchery
1. Demons Of Rock 'n' Roll
2. Going To Hell
3. Nude Nuns
4. Bombshell
5. Beware Of The Blood Babe
6. Raze Hell
7. Rockmachine
8. Ready For The Next Show
9. The Devil Will Burn In Hell
10. Children Of The Flame
Bal-Gurrath - Monster Voices, Sonic Blasters
Hellrazor Bloodbeast - Blastmaster Bass
Draconic Gorezilla - Drums Of Doom
Record Label: Massacre Records


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