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Blood Oath - Infernum Rex Diabolus Award winner

Blood Oath
Infernum Rex Diabolus
by Joseph Hausmann at 17 December 2019, 9:34 PM

Recently the UK has had an influx of bands rising through the ranks of the metal community. BLOOD OATH out Leicester, is one of these bands that are taking no prisoners and destroying everything in their path to success. Formed originally in 2015, this band has garnered some high praise and some lofty awards in the short four years that they have been metalling on. Within their first four shows as a band BLOOD OATH went to the finals of the 2016 Metal 2 The Masses competition. The following year they won that competition and have rocketed into festival spotlight performing insane shows as they continued their path. With their old school Death Metal sound and the caliber of refinement for a self-released band, it’s no wonder that these guys are making an impact in the metal community. 2019 saw the release of their sophomore album “Infernum Rex Diabolus” which is a strong production.

“Angels To Some Demons To Others” kicks off this album with a slow melodic guitar melody that begins to flourish into a rampage of guttural vocals and heavy hitting instrumentals. The vocals while lacerating and vicious, can be understood very well. The annunciation of the lyrics is refined and clear which is something that can be hard to attain in the Death Metal subgenre. “Infernum Diabolus” opens up with a powerful, almost groove riff that is straight nasty. That riff alone made me instantly like the track. Couple that with the deep, eviscerating vocals in the chorus, and you have a brutal track made to headbang to. The guitar work in this track also gives the song an almost evil sound throughout. “Obliteration Ov Mankind” brings us back to the days that Thrash influenced the beginnings of Death Metal. There are some heavy influences of older Thrash bands that are blended with deeper tones. I really enjoy that they added these elements into the song as kind of a tribute to the bands that laid the framework for Death Metal. It’s always important to remember where you come from and BLOOD OATH has done an amazing job doing this.

“Solitude And Silence” returns us to the melodic and ominous tones that are heard in the beginning of the album. This track is one brutal, groove, death drive to the bowels to darkness. This track is definitely one of the shining points of an album that is rife with strong tracks. The slower tempo of the instrumentals, paired with deep deathly tones, really give you that Death Metal grimace that we all get when an absolutely heavy song comes on! “The Howling Of The Draugr” really gives the band the chance to show off their traditional Death Metal talents very well. Blast beats run constant through the song only with minor breaks for lyrics. The vocal work is great in this track and gives the song even more added power.

BLOOD OATH has done an excellent job with their sophomore album “Infernum Rex Diabolus”. The one thing that I found particularly great about this album is the production quality and how well you can understand the lyrics throughout the entire album. For a band that independently releases their music, this is no easy task. They have done an amazing job with the recording of this album. The album is awesome to listen to and was very well crafted to give that old school Death Metal vibe. There are a few more tracks on this album, but as always I will let you experience them for yourself! BLOOD OATH is a band that I do believe that we will see more music from and will continue to gain support throughout the Metal community. So go check them out and give them a listen!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9


4 Star Rating

1. Angels To Some Demons To Others
2. Obliteration Ov Mankind
3. Infernum Diabolus
4. Lycanthropic Bloodlust
5. Monuments To Our Ruin
6. Born Godless
7. Howling Of The Draugr
8. Entwined and Un-Divine
9. Solitude And The Silence
Frazer Hart - Guitar
Mike Freeman - Guitar
Bill Fordham - Bass
Ady McGlennon - Drums
Mark 'Thrax' Johnson - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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