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Blood of Angels - Failure of Faith Award winner

Blood of Angels
Failure of Faith
by Laura Glover at 08 September 2020, 7:23 AM

I’m going to dive right in and say I am super impressed with the band BLOOD OF ANGELS. For starters, they sent probably the greatest promo kit I’ve seen to date. Their Facebook page is on point, and there’s a wealth of information to be had. When I think “production” in a band, these things are such a huge role in that. So, let me take a step back and introduce them now that I told you how cool they are! BLOOD OF ANGELS is an American melodic black metal band comprised of four members. Randy on vocals, Aaron on guitar, Jonathan on drums, and Maggot on bass. Their newest album, “Failure of Faith”, is a concept album with a phenomenal storyline. Based off of three religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam; the first half of the album talks about the basis of these religions and the second half talks about how these religions grew. And in turn destroyed society. Not only alllllllll that coolness, but their first song on the album had my attention in no time flat, Great job capturing me right out the door! I see a great future for BLOOD OF ANGELS! Stellar band!! I mean, they should totally come my way for a concert. I’d show up in a heartbeat. Let’s dive into the details of the songs.

“Failure of Faith” - Oh my God! Holy super cool, atmospheric, metal intro Batman! This song instantly sucked me right in. This intro is straight gold. It builds anticipation, much like the background music in a movie does. Carefully concocted to entice you to lots of emotion. Beauty like a rose unfolding, loveliness with thorns to follow. “Monotheism” - Did I tell you how much I love the theme of “Failure of Faith”? Yes? Ok. Monotheism means the belief in one God. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are all monotheistic religions. So therefore, this is the song introducing us to the idea of these religions as a whole. But it is not a soft introduction! Guitar, drums, and bass hit hard from the beginning. The vocals are deep and full. Claiming influences such as Cannibal Corpse and Nasty Savage. “Blood of the Lamb” - A title referencing the Lamb of God. I do know in Christianity this represents Jesus. I do not have enough knowledge of the other two religions to say whether they have connections to this title or not. This, however, is not the kind of song you’d think would be named after the Lamb of God. Again, a hard and fast song. Those vocals though, they hit you right in the gut! The guitar and drums accent this perfectly. And of course, the bass. Bassists are important too. 😊

The Crusader” - I thought we’d seen the best, and then we come to this song. I absolutely dig the soft guitar notes it starts out with. Building in intensity, the melodic nature of this song is its absolute backbone. What Randy’s voice does to the melody is magic. There really is something about this band. The vocal ranges go from that deep growliness, to the darkly sung type of vocals. And then they follow up in the end of it with more of that incredible guitar. “I Don’t Need Religion (Motorhead Cover)“ - The bass kicks, would hit hard on my car's stereo. Which is where I am going to have to play this song next time I go drive somewhere. It is remake of a very classic song from a cult classic band, Motorhead, pioneers in the metal world. I’m sure you older metalheads will recognize this one.

Well, it seems I may have actually found a new favorite band by writing this review. I always love the music I write about. Once in a while I will even listen to it again after my article. “Failure of Faith” is getting added to my daily playlist. I love concept albums, and this one delved into one of my favorite subjects in nonfiction literature. Absolutely check this album out! If the intro doesn’t make you fall in love, I’m not sure what to tell you. It is rare to see such a put together band. That, to me, is the difference between a band who has potential to make it to the top. So, take us there, BLOOD OF ANGELS. I'm along for the ride now.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Failure of Faith
2. Monotheism
3. 40 Year Journey
4. Blood of the Lamb
5. The Messenger
6. The Crusader
7. King of Hops
8. I Don’t Need Religion (Motorhead Cover)
9. America’s Mythologies
Randy Reyes – Vocals
Aaron Robinson – Guitar
Jonathan Rushford – Drums
Maggot – Bass
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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