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Blood Of The Sun - Burning On The Wings Of Desire Award winner

Blood Of The Sun
Burning On The Wings Of Desire
by Kartik Chandrasekhar at 31 January 2013, 1:32 PM

Featuring the current drummer of American Doom Metal legends ST. VITUS, Henry Vasquez, this album is brilliant Hard Rock all the way through. The music here unabashedly borrows from the likes of DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH and LED ZEPPELIN. And you know what?! I love that! I’m a huge fan of 70s Hard Rock and I enjoy anything with a solid groove, hooky riffs and infectious melodies. One criticism some might have about this album as mentioned earlier is that it sounds too similar to anything of the above bands put out. As stated, this doesn’t bother me in the slightest because if it sounds great, I’ll listen to it. BLOOD OF THE SUN do away with ballads and decide to give us 8 pure rockers all the way. Another criticism from a few might be that the songs all sound too similar to each other and that this album needs more variety. While variety is always an asset, the quality of music matters most and here, this album prevails. The songs are also rather short so time is not a problem.

“Let it Roll” – Ah, that standard rock and roll title. It’s got a nice groove to it. I can buy that! The singing is melodic. There’s really not all that much to say about the song except that it’s chock full of great riffs. Actually, I can say this: that organ solo is brilliant! It would make the late great Jon Lord of DEEP PURPLE proud. If you’re in the mood for some good music with a 70s Rock vibe, this’ll do the trick!

“Burning On The Wings of Desire“– To start the song, the drums pound away! This gives way for a groovy classic Rock tinged riff alongside melodic vocals and soulful organ work in the background. Vasquez has some of the best clean vocals I’ve heard in a long time. One doesn’t simply not want to bang their head to this song! Like in the previous track, the organs and the guitar try to outdo each other. I’m a sucker for bluesy leads and this song is full of them! Listen and enjoy!
“Can’t Stop My Heart” – Another generic Rock and roll title, but don’t let that deter you! This is another solid rocker. The song changes tempo part way. It starts off really quick but in the middle, it slows down to make way for an incredible riff and then the guitar solo. All in all, it’s like its predecessors in most ways and that’s a good thing!

“Brings Me Down” – Things are starting to slow down here! Who doesn’t enjoy the blues?! This song really does that style of music justice – from the extraordinary keyboard solo to the slide guitar solo. Feel good Blues influenced Rock music at its best – I love it.

“Rock Your Station” – OK, you had your slow song! Now back we are with a fast one – Blood on the Sun states to us with this gem. It’s faster than any of its predecessors. There’s a nice guitar solo in this one - probably my favorite on the record. I like the use of cowbell (in cue the ‘more cowbell’ jokes!). Anyone who loves their 70s Rock should listen to this little ditty!

“Good Feeling” – The drums start the song again – in eighth notes with the bass drum and snare. This gives way for a blues tinged riff, with the organ and bass providing support. Bear in mind, the lyrics are very ‘Rock N’ Roll” – in that they’re about feeling good (hence the title). Critics might even dismiss this by saying ‘ugh, the lyrics are nothing more than a generic 60s rock and roll rip off’. But despite that flaw (if you can call it that), I enjoy the music. Don’t worry – there are organ and guitar solos here! J

“The Snitch” – Solid riff to start! Much like what we’ve heard so far, it’s little more than 4 minutes of pure Hard Rock!

“Good And Evil” – The longest track of the record and the one to feature the man himself, Scott ‘Wino’ Weinrich. A nice intro on the skins – with some rolls on the snare and the crash at the start! As a drummer, I can appreciate that since I love to do those sorts of fills! The riffs are catchy once again and the organ work stellar. This song, I think, talks about the evils of man and how we as individuals can overcome oppression from those who want to put us down. That’s a bonus. The end of the song features pounding toms and a more than decent guitar solo. Then finally, it ends abruptly but not in a startling manner which would have been unsettling. I like this song!

Would I recommend this album to people? The answer is a definite yes! 

4 Star Rating

1. Let it Roll
2. Burning on the wings of Desire
3. Can’t stop my heart
4. Bring me Down
5. Rock Your Station
6. Good Feeling
7. The Snitch
8. Good and Evil
Henry Vasquez – Drums /Vocals
Dave Gryder – Organ / Clavinet / Piano
Mike Doty – Guitars
Eric Schmidt – Guitars
Roger Yma – Bass
Record Label: Listenable Records


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