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Blood of the Wolf - II - Campaign of Extermination Award winner

Blood of the Wolf
II - Campaign of Extermination
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 28 March 2018, 12:13 PM

Since names as KRISIUN, ANGELCORPSE and NILE arose from the Death Metal underground, along with BEHEMOTH, HATE and others names on Death/Black Metal, the things changed a lot: brutality and speed became the driving forces of some bands. The most fast and brutal you can be, the better you’ll be. But without the clear idea of what you’re doing, you’ll do nothing. But BLOOD OF THE WOLF seems to understand this matter, because “II - Campaign of Extermination” is a very good album, indeed.

Using a fast and oppressive approach of Death/Black Metal, they are really impressive, and using a good technical insight, their speed turns the album even more aggressive (but they have some excellent slow parts as well). Of course they need some little adjustments to be in the same level of the masters I wrote above, but they are on the right path. Their musical fury is really astonishing, and it’s an album that deserves to be heard at a loud volume!

The sound quality of “II - Campaign of Extermination”is very good, showing very good instrumental tunes, and with the needed dose of brutality, crudeness and weight. But don’t think that these guys don’t know how to be clean. It’s the opposite: the sound clarity is not as perfect as they deserve, but it’s in a very good level, indeed (you’ll understand clearly what they are playing without any problem, I guarantee).

Spreading a gospel of brutality to turn you ears into bloody shreds of flesh, BLOOD OF THE WOLF shows that they came to stay, to conquer and show that they deserve a place on our CDs’ collections. The massive and fast strike of excellent guitars shown on “Campaign of Extermination”, the wonderful slow tempos of “BeneditioUltionis” (what a very good work from bass guitar and drums), the harsh brutality of “Erupting Volcanic Wrath”, the excellent harmonic construction of “The Sword is my Light and Salvation” and “Scorched Earth Ceremony”, and the crushing melodic lines of the oppressive chaos of “A Sermon of Slaughtered Foes” are on the mark, and as evolution takes its toll, no one will resist to their music!

BLOOD OF THE WOLF came to stay, so hear their preaching on “II - Campaign of Extermination” and surrender to these new juggernauts of Death/Black Metal!

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Thunder the Drums of War
2. Campaign of Extermination
3. BeneditioUltionis
4. Erupting Volcanic Wrath
5. The Sword is my Light and Salvation
6. Scorched Earth Ceremony
7. With Fire and a Thousand Flash
8. A Sermon of Slaughtered Foes
Mike Koniglio - Vocals, Guitars
Frank Garcia - Lead Guitars
Krystopher - Bass
Rick Hernandez - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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