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Blood Red Throne - Imperial Congregation Award winner

Blood Red Throne
Imperial Congregation
by Chris Hawkins at 25 October 2021, 3:35 PM

From the very first few chords of the title track, anticipation fills the air for the new BLOOD RED THRONE album.  It is hard to believe that the band has been toiling away since back in ’98.  The key to the band’s success and advancement of Death Metal in general is a theme of constantly looking forward.  Indeed, creative vision and a progressive attitude unlock the doors of the future for the band.

There is certainly an old school vibe to the album, but BLOOD RED THRONE take that deep-seated influence to expand upon the genre.  With the first track effectively being a resounding mission statement of devastating intent, the intensity picks up with the second track, “Itika”.  A plodding, unrelenting fever inhabits the aural space of the track and when the breakdown finally arrives at the 1:42 mark, all hell breaks loose.  Not long thereafter, though, the music erupts into a breakneck pace evoking the glory days of “Arise” and “Beneath the Remains”.  One cannot fail to mention the captivating lead placed strategically in the middle for it carefully locks in with the rhythm decisively elaborating upon the melody and taking it to new, more poignant realms.

As far as the production goes, the album, like the other BLOOD RED THRONE releases, is the gold standard for Death Metal.  The underlying themes beneath the record are intensity and groove.  As such, BLOOD RED THRONE leaves an impression of a AAA, five-star studio recording.  Seriously, this is the album to play for the friend whose tastes lie just outside of the underground.  Like the combined powerful influence of CARCASS, MORBID ANGEL, and ENTOMBED upon my formative years, BLOOD RED THRONE sets a high mark of quality and excels in translating that intent to tape.

To extend the production theme a bit further, the guitar tone must be examined a bit closer.  Employing massively mammoth rhythm tones, the duo of Død and Ivan Gujic cement a formidable baseline for savage guitar tenacity.  The effect of such a prodigious guitar tone is that riffs never wear out their welcome and the music has a constant sense of shock and awe.  No less brutally innovative in the lead department, solos cross myriad thresholds in their pursuit of abounding expression.

Diving even further into the band’s sound, one must also examine the remainder of players.  Freddy Bolsø (drums) and Stian Gundersen (bass) provide the very foundation of the music and their duties are pivotal in the creation of this monolithic masterpiece.  Stian’s bass fills show him breaking out of the box of following the guitar and leaving his own signature mark.  The secret to their dominance is being so very tightly locked in with each other, and the recording fully brings out their performance.  The constant dry lung of Yngve “Bolt” Christiansen completes the picture and is no less vitally important providing a steady pulse of aggressive rage and casting a grim, dystopian shadow upon the work as he ties it all together.

Other tracks of note include the seventh, “6-7”.  Beginning with a rousing call to arms, the music advances into new territories even for this trailblazing band.  Stian’s bass runs in particular on this track are outstanding as are the many transitions and clever art of assembling it all.  The following track, “Consumed Illusion,” opens with a powerful fury that transforms into a very PANTERA vibe.  In fact, the Cowboys from Hell vibes have always been a prominent staple of this band and particularly of its devastating impact.

The groove has always been an integral dimension to BLLOD RED THRONE’s success and “Imperial Congregation” has no shortage of pummeling pathways to Metal euphoria.  To say this is some of the most remarkable Death Metal being released is a vast understatement.  Yet again, BLOOD RED THRONE prove to be on the cutting edge of metallic possibil9iy and expression.  More bands should take note of the proverbial wrecking ball that BLOOOD RED THRONE commits to tape for their vicious assault is one both unparalleled and unrivalled.  Without doubt, this is the most compelling Death Metal performance of 2021!

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Imperial Congregation
2. Itika
3. Conquered Malevolence
4. Transparent Existence
5. Inferior Elegance
6. We All Bleed
7. 6-7
8. Consumed Illusion
9. Hero-Antics
10. Zarathustra
Freddy Bolsø - Drums
Død – Guitar
Ivan Gujic - Guitar
Stian Gundersen – Bass
Yngve “Bolt” Christiansen – Vocals
Record Label: Nuclear Blast


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