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Blood Star - The Fear

Blood Star
The Fear
by Jean-François ‘’Jackal’’ Poulin at 27 April 2020, 9:15 AM

BLOOD STAR is a 4-Piece Heavy Metal/Rock N’Roll band from Salt Lake City, Utah.  I do believe this is their second release and it wasn’t easy to find any information on the prior discography honestly. I know they already had a release back in 2018 when they toured North America in July and August of that year. They toured extensively with NIGHT DEMON and they tore the walls down of the Katacombes in August. It was one of my more memorable shows of 2018 and a lot of people discovered them at that very show including me.

Madeline Smith has this vibe and aura about her. She is akin to a belly dancer, she will hypnotize you in a way not thought possible. She is like a witch or like a shaman princess, she he mysterious yet completely at peace with who she has. She has an enormous presence on stage and her strange dancing is a sight to behold. I compare her to a mix of Joni Mitchell and Dominique Lenore Persi from STOLEN BABIES. She really commands the stage and even in the studio, it is clear that she is putting everything on the line to engage the audience out there.

They have that Never Say Die Rock N’ Roll attitude with a classic Heavy Metal feeling. This is obviously an EP that demands multiple listens simply for the wealth of instruments and tones used. The production is beautifully done, sounding fresh yet exhilarating. It is the type of EP that makes you love music again. It’s classic sounding with a modern edge and when you have such a talented singer, it’s really engaging.

The music is powerful, mid-paced and of epic proportions. The guitar riffs are grounded while the solos provide some catchy melodies without ever drifting off. Those two tracks are quite homogeneous, but they manage to stand out in one way or another. Both songs start slowly enough before quickening up the pace instrumentally and becoming more emotional in the vocal department. The band might not reinvent the classic genre but they perform songs with creativity, energy and passion that makes this EP engaging from start to finish. If you haven’t listened to the band yet and like classic Heavy Metal mixed in with 70’s Rock, you can’t get around this band in general and this album in particular.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Fear
2. Tortured Earth
Jamison Palmer – Guitars
Noah Hadnutt – Bass
Daniel Alexander – Drums
Madeline Smith – Lead Vocals
Record Label: Shadow Kingdom Records


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