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Blood Tsunami - For Faen

Blood Tsunami
For Faen
by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 21 March 2013, 4:24 PM

Another blood feast for us human thrash vultures has been unleashed upon us. Dripping with the gore of CARCASS and SLAUGHTER, rife with the riffs of SLAYER, VENOM, and EXODUS, and as Punk driven as early ENGLISH DOGS or THE EXPLOITED, Norway's own die caste of skulls - BLOOD TSUNAMI return with a third metal assault on the ears.

The original line-up is intact with only Carl “Calle” Janfalk replacing original bassist Pete "Bosse" Boström. Peter "Evil" Michael Kolstad Vegem still has that morbid howl, and Bård "Faust" Guldvik Eithun continues his mayhemic drumming, as if at the very gates of the dim border of hell. Meanwhile, Kristoffer "Dor Amazon" Sørensen still shreds like a swollen member of the demon blood pact.

The evil songs, themselves, which these unholy knights unleash, are all burners. The opener “The Butcher Of Rostov”, like so many songs has searing lyrics drenched in mad blood and reigns in gore. EXODUS already exposed us to the pogro-mage and atrocities of Nanking and ASPHYX informed us about the rigors of the rack, so the torture in the tower screams of “In The Dungeon Of The Rats” makes sick sense.

Every time I hear the final ungodly beat of “Krokodil”, I feel like I am hearing “Mechanized Death” by The Accused, minus the incorrigible lyrics. This sadistic chem-kill exposure has much more in common with DEMOLITION HAMMER, though, than any horror stories Martha ever told.

The “Strappado” inspired “Dogfed” which shows nothing but contempt, “B.T.K. (Blind Torture Kill)” and the alcoholic force of “Unholy Knights” are ridiculously terse, but nevertheless punishing and relentless. Each rampage of revenge will lead you one step closer to the grave of desecration.

Damn! A song called “Grave Desecrator” sums it all up; especially, when Josef Dominik the guitarist from SODOM called himself Grave Violator. “The Brazen Bull” is an excellent description for the roaring tanks of Armageddon and sure to please fans of HAIL OF BULLETS or BLIZZARD. Feel the infernal overkill and final carnage, and the penetrating bite of the “Metal Fang”!

After playing this speed fest I am laid to waste and torn apart, having undergone my own personal exorcism.

3 Star Rating

1. The Butcher Of Rostov
2. Dogfed
3. The Rape Of Nanking
4. In The Dungeon Of The Rats
5. Metal Fang
6. The Brazen Bull
7. Grave Desecrator
8. Unholy Knights
9. D.T.K.
10. Krokodil
Pete Evil – Vocals
Dor Amazon – Guitars
Calle – Bass
Faust – Drums
Record Label: Indie Recordings


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