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Blood Ceremony - Blood Ceremony (CD)

Blood Ceremony
Blood Ceremony
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 09 November 2008, 1:35 PM

When Rise Above Records decides to release a new album, we all know that it is going to be something at least decent, since most of this label's releases are pretty good, but for a limited audience. So, Dorian's little magic shop treats us with a weird gem for one more time, leaving us get lost in this musical journey back to the past…

The band hails from Ontario, Canada, and was formed in 2006, so you can see that BLOOD CEREMONY is a pretty fresh band in the scene. They took their name from a 1972 Spanish horror film, Ceremonia Sangrienta, and while listening to the album you will realize that this band has drawn many influences (music wise and lyric wise) from films that have to do with witchcraft and such stuff. Signing with Rise Above Records, the band released its first ever album.

While listening to the band's self titled debut album, I realized that although some musicians maybe totally out of date, they can still sound so fresh and so necessary to the scene. By saying that, I mean that the 70's sound has been lost with all the polished modern stuff we have to face nowadays. At least some people can still offer some quality music the way it should be played.

With a pretty good for the specific genre production, BLOOD CEREMONY show us what would happen if BLACK SABBATH were having a child with JETHRO TULL. I guess that this 70's doomy Rock sound with the Jazz flute interventions is definitely something that you find interesting. Imagine all the classic Sabbathic groovy riffing with a JETHRO TULL rocking atmosphere with spacey keyboards and a flute that balances between Jazz and Pagan sounds! The best way to complete such a strange sound orgy is Alia, the band's female singer, who also plays the flute and the organ. A talented woman with a voice that makes the band sound like a ritual and herself like the high priest that sings a… Hymn To Pan.

I guess that all 70's rockers, doomsters, as well as metalheads that search for something different would love to have a taste from these Canadian wiccans! Rise Above is never going to let me down!

3 Star Rating

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The Rare Lord
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Hymn To Pan
Alia O'Brien's - Vocals, Flute, Organ
Sean Kennedy - Guitars
Chris Landon - Bass
Andrew Haust - Drums
Record Label: Rise Above Records


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