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Blood Red Throne - Souls Of Damnation (CD)

Blood Red Throne
Souls Of Damnation
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 07 June 2009, 1:51 PM

They say, when a recipe is successful, why change its ingredients? That's probably what BLOOD RED THRONE were thinking while composing and recording Souls Of Damnation. To tell you the truth, I never spent much time on this band, but with every album it releases it makes me get closer to them. I guess that these guys are probably really close to enter my favourite Death Metal bands list.

The Norwegian maniacs with mastermind Tchort behind the wheel are gaining more and more ground with such magnificent releases! Whether it comes to Black & Roll (CARPATHIAN FOREST), symphonic Black Metal (EMPEROR) or melancholic Gothic/Progressive Rock (GREEN CARNATION), Tchort knows his job! With his latest musical abomination Souls Of Damnation, BLOOD RED THRONE offer one more brutal orgasm through Earache Records.

This album contains almost everything a Death Metal fan could ask for. Let's gather the most important elements that made us love Death Metal regardless of its origin, style etc. Souls Of Damnation contains the US technique, the Scandinavian brutality, the modern groove and an overdose of aggression. While listening to it, it was like BLOOD RED THRONE wrote the album just for me! I found every single element that makes me want to get up and tear everything apart in approximately 38 minutes. Vald's vocals are amazing since his vocal range is far from the typical monotonous Death Metal vocals, Haave's diverse drumming and modern patterns adds a lot of technique to the overall result, the guitars fucking shred like there's no tomorrow and Caspersen's bass lines are out of this world (no wonder SPAWN OF POSSESSION hired him as a bassist)! This entire holocaust finishes you with the clear, yet brutal as fuck sound this album is dressed in.

I may sound too excited, but don't worry, I really am! This is probably one of the best (if not the best) Death Metal releases for 2009! I am already waiting for its release date (1st June) to go and buy the limited edition, which includes two bonus tracks and a DVD with an interview and an in-depth studio diary documenting the album's recording process. By the way, if you try to listen to this album hold your breath, since the next breath you will manage to take will be after it finishes!

4 Star Rating

The Light, The Hate
Throne Of Damnation
Human Fraud
Your Cold Flesh
Prove Yourself Dead
Not Turgenjev, But Close
Ten Steps Of Purgatory
Vald - Vocals
Dod - Guitar
Tchort - Guitar
Erlend Caspersen - Bass
Anders Haave - Drums
Record Label: Earache Records


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