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Blood Red Throne - Monument Of Death (CD)

Blood Red Throne
Monument Of Death
by Evi Tsitsi at 14 January 2005, 8:44 AM

Initially I was expecting to hear some kind of aggressive Black Metal band, because ex-members of Emperor, Satyricon and Einherjer are included in Blood Red Throne's music, but I was surprised when I heard pure Brutal Death that reminds me of the best moments of Morbid Angel, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse and other historical bands of the Death Metal scene.
Blood Red Throne is the Death Metal project of erstwhile Emperor man Tchort formed in 1998. The band was convened after Tchort and guitarist Dod (Daniel Olaisen) both quit Satyricon during 1999 and operated as a side project in parallel to Tchort's activities with Green Carnation. Bass duties would fall to Erlend Caspersen of Apostasy, Unspoken Names, Mr. Cucumber and Dismal Euphony. Olaisen also performed with Scariot whilst Tchort also found the time to rank as bassist with Carpathian Forest. For the recording of the Deathmix 2000 demo session Blood Red Throne utilized the services of vocalists Ronnie Thorsen of Scariot and Vidoor Helseth.                  
Note also that the first 1000 copies of this album are apparently signed with the real blood of the band's members! Sick guys but in general beautiful work.
Absolutely amazing album. Blood Red Throne succeed in playing old fashioned Death Metal in a unique way that they never get to repeat themselves and in no way do they get boring. You can say that this album can flawlessly be compared to the best works of Morbid Angel, Obituary, Carcass, Deicide and it also has a few moments of Thrash, especial the riffs which remind me of Slayer's riffs in many parts. Aggressive Brutal Death, brilliant solos, groovy riffs and extreme blastbeats. The vocals are the classical deep growls with a slight variety. All songs have many alternations that keep your interest pretty high. The production is also brilliant, you can hear every instrument very clearly and that is a rare phenomenon for most of the Death Metal works. I must mention the beautiful artwork which though quite sick it gives you a picture of what awaits you!
It's difficult for me to pick out any song from this album because I believe that the whole work is absolutely amazing. All fans of Death Metal have no reason not to invest here. This album however must not be missed from anyone who faithful to Brutality and aggressiveness.
- Album Highlights: The whole album!

5 Star Rating

Portrait Of A Killer
Souls Of Damnation
The Children Shall Endure
Dream Controlled Murder
Mary Whispers Of Death
Ravenous War Machine
Malignant Nothingness
Monument Of Death
Path Of Flesh
Bonus Tracks:
Ravenous War Machine
 (Taken From Deathmix 2000 demo)
The Children Shall Endure
 (Taken From Deathmix 2000 demo)
Dream Controlled Murder
 (Taken From Deathmix 2000 demo)
Mary Whispers Of Death
 (Taken From Deathmix 2000 demo)
Monument Of Death
 (Taken from Nordic Metal II compilation)
Dod - Guitar
Tchort - Guitar
Erlend C. - Bass
Mr.Hustler - Vocals
Freddy B. - Drums
Record Label: Firedoom Music


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