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Bloodbath - Nightmares Made Flesh (CD)

Nightmares Made Flesh
by Thodoris Pantazopoulos at 07 October 2004, 7:48 PM

If I had to name some band-projects that stand out, Bloodbath would surely be one of them. Not only because of the history each band member holds with his main band, but also for the tremendous quality which characterized their first full length release. Ok, there are numerous projects out there and I remember that the last few months several albums of this kind fell into my hands. But, that's what I think the best way to distinguish a good release; when you've got to deal with dozens of them and suddenly one of them appeals to you, you realize that you hit the bull's eye and most times you're proven to be correct.
If 2 years ago you surrendered yourselves to the crushing Ressurection Through Carnage, I'm in great position to announce you that these 2 years of awaiting were worthwhile and rather creative for the band. Mikael Ekerfeldt's retirement from the band didn't seem to intimidate them and with his replacement by the prestigious Peter Tagtren (Hypocrisy, Lock-Up, Pain, The Abyss) and with Martin Axenrot's (Satanic Slaughter, Witchery) engagement, the brutish alliance gives a sequel to the bloodshed with an album of very high standards.
Without chitchat, Bloodbath exclusively performs killing Death Metal with few but necessary melodic adjustments for the moments our neck needs a break. Incredibly powerful songs, with full sound and probably one of the best moments for Mr. Tagtren who yells his ass out like a cracked monstrosity. Sorry Mikael but we don't miss you. On the contrary, of vital importance the least proves to be Axenrot's presence in this album with his stunning performed drumming (check also Witchery's last album - he's on it). So…what about the axes? If you exclude 1 or 2 songs that emerge some sort of slough and standardization, Anders Nystrφm and the restless Dan Swanφ had a spotless collaboration with their six-stringed ladyloves and wrote down ultra interesting themes, mid-paced, heavy as hell at times and sweepingly fast at others.
An ablaze Death Metal release that respects and honors the old fashioned touch, which remained imperishable and stood mighty against the impermanent wannabe Death Metal movement from Goteborg. If the only thing that would make you give away albums from bands like the early Entombed, Grave, Morbid Angel, Obituary and other nobles, then releases like this one will mean a lot for you. It stands lightly weaker in comparison to it's predecessor but strikes far too unreachable for many, many bands out there. One of the best Death Metal releases this year so far; totally a worth-buy one.
- Album Highlights: Cancer Of The Soul, Brave New Hell, Outnumbering The Day, Feeding The Undead, The Ascension, Year Of The Cadaver Race

4 Star Rating

Cancer Of The Soul
Brave New Hell
Soul Evisceration
Outnumbering The Day
Feeding The Undead
Bastard Son Of God
Year Of The Cadaver Race
The Ascension
Draped In Disease
Stillborn Saviour
Blood Vortex
Peter Tδgtgren - Vocals
Anders Nystrφm - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Dan Swanφ - Guitars
Jonas Renkse - Bass & Backing Vocals
Martin Axenrot - Drums
Record Label: Century Media


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