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Bloodbeat - Process of Extinction Award winner

Process of Extinction
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 25 August 2021, 6:30 AM

The mix between the brutality of Death Metal and the catchy passages of Thrash Metal is something that was done since the early years of the 90’s, and there are many ways of doing the genre, including some national ways (Brazil has one personal format on it, inherited of SEPULTURA’s and CHAKAL’s early works). And Germany indeed has its own form, created by MORGOmaking a moTH on its “Cursed” (1991) and “Odium” (1993) days, and the torch is passed by the hands of BLOODBEAT, and they really do things with guts, as can be heard on “Process of Extinction”, their new album.

They show the German DNA for extreme Metal genres in their musical work, with brutality being really amazing, but with the careful and sharpened ways of Thrash Metal (something inherited from the Second Wave of North American Thrash Metal, from names as FORBIDDEN, VIOLENCE and OVERKILL). They show a powerful and personal way, technical and aggressive to the bones (with incredible aggressiveness in some moments), and the energy they unleash is really excellent. Be prepared! The sonority of the album is very good, indeed. Marc Wüstenhagen (recording, mixing) and Gunnar Refardt (mastering) did a very good job, making a model for their work in a way that it can sound brutal and oppressive as a Death Metal act, but defined and ear-piercing as Thrash Metal acts are. And all of it is presented in a very clear way, for the listener to take the best of their music.

All eight songs are excellent, but their maneuvers in destruction can be heard clearly on “Creative Murder” (a massive Thrash Death song based on hot riffs and very good blast beats, showing a solid work from bass guitar and drums), the savage and blunt assault imposed by “Beyond the Skeletons” (the rhythmic contrasts are very good, but these snarls from the vocals are really excellent), the catchy explosive energy felt on “No Control” and on “Rigor Mortis” are the best ones to begin with the ripping of your ears. “Process of Extinction” is just their second album, so the next album of BLOODBEAT (when it comes) will be extinction itself!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Creative Murder
2. Beyond the Skeletons
3. Pulse
4. No Control
5. Permanent Shadows
6. Intention to Kill
7. Rigor Mortis
8. Slow Decompose
Jason - Guitars, Vocals
Daniel Dokic - Guitars
Fux - Bass
Paul - Drums
Record Label: Inverse Records


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