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Bloodbound - One Night Of Blood

One Night Of Blood
by Chelsea Jennings at 27 April 2016, 10:40 PM

BLOODBOUND is a Metal Band from Bolinas, Sweden. They are a 6-piece band that was formed in the summer of 2004 by two long-time friends Tomas Olsson and Frederik Bergh. The band have signed with AFM Records, and have released their latest full-length effort as a prologue for "One Night Of Blood" as of February 12th, 2016.

BLOODBOUND have put together an album that is essentially a concept album discussing a fictional war that the world seems to be waging on Heavy Metal music as a genre, and the people who listen to it. The "anthem" track to the entire album would have to be "In The Name Of Metal", which is essentially BLOODBOUND's "fuck you" anthem to the rest of the world that likes to stereotype metal-heads as a bunch of devil's worshipers wearing black clothes who have too many piercings and tattoos. This song is to hose who like to portray us angry, pissed off, and mad at the world \[which isn't necessarily all true as any real metal-head would know]. This song is to those who think we are anti-social and hardened people who don't care about anyone else. This song is basically telling all of them off, because in reality they have no idea what they even speak of. Metal-heads have to stand up for our music that has been there for us if its to be there for us in the future.

Tracks such as "Metalheads Unite" and "Stormborn" depict the way fans of our music must come together and stand up against this essential firestorm of hate that is constantly received from the outside world. It's not true, and we know it's not true, and whatever they say doesn't change any of that. That must be remembered. That's the real underlying message of this whole release. Metal can continue its reign from the "Iron Throne" if we are all willing to endure a metaphorical "One Night Of Blood" to stand up for the music we love despite what people will say, and will continue to say. People's ignorance can take our music away from us, pigeonhole us into being something we are not, and outcast us from society, or stop us from listening to this music entirely: BUT ONLY IF WE LET IT HAPPEN THAT WAY! If we stand by what we love, and what we do no one has the right to take that away from us unless we give it to them to take away. It's a call to every metal-head to do what we can to keep the music alive and spread it to others, while not letting the rest of the outside world put us down when we never even did anything wrong. Metal is not dead, and we have to keep it from becoming so.

BLOODBOUND does a great job illustrating this "metaphorical war" we are all fighting against the naysayers and stereotyping people out there, however, the sound of the band is not really to original. Vocally it sounds very similar to what NIGHTWISH would sound like if Patrik Johansson were their singer rather than Floor Jensen. Musically, it sounds a bit like HAMMERFALL's Symphonic Metal signature sound. While that is all great, bands have made this sound before, and it's not really "groundbreaking" in any way, but at the same time it's a powerful message to stand up for the music we love before it's taken away or someone else ruins it for us.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 2
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Bloodtale
2. Iron Throne
3. When Demons Collide
4. In The Name Of Metal
5. When The Kingdom Will Fall
6. Moria
7. Nightmares From The Grave
8. Metalheads Unite
9. When All Lights Fall
10. Book Of The Dead
11. Metal Monster
12. Stormborn
13. Nosferatu
14. Nosferatu Symphony
Patrik Johansson - Lead Vocals
Tomas Olsson - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Frederik Bergh - Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Henrik Olssen - Rhythm Guitars
Anders Broman - Bass
Pelle Akerlind - Drums & Percussions
Record Label: AFM Records


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