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Bloodbound - Tabula Rasa (CD)

Tabula Rasa
by Mike Novak at 14 May 2009, 6:34 PM

BLOODBOUND came to attention in the Metal community because it was fronted by vocalist Urban Breed, who had recently departed from TAD MOROSE. Their debut, Nosferatu, was pure Power Metal worship, which confused some people since many band photos featured them in corpsepaint. After their debut, Breed left the band and BLOODBOUND released another album, which was more in the vein of Hard Rock. For Tabula Rasa, however, Breed is back, splitting time between BLOODBOUND and PYRAMAZE.

The first thing that one will notice when listening to Tabula Rasa is the metamorphosis that BLOODBOUND has undergone. On their previous two releases, the band wore their influences on their sleeves, resulting in much of the material sounding derivative. Now the guitar riffs are more prominent and the songs in general are heavier. This is definitely a benefit because it adds an extra dimension to the band's sound.

Breed's vocals are different here than what they have sounded like in the past. Gone are the over-the-top wails that sound out-of-place and instead we have a much more mature vocal approach that is less self-indulgent and benefits the songs as a whole far more. There are plenty of guitar solos to keep the shredding fans happy, and the rhythm section provides a competent, if not spectacular, backing.

BLOODBOUND are definitely showing promise. I wonder whether this band or PYRAMAZE will be Breed's full-time job, because I would be happy to see either of these bands in concert. Regardless of what the answer is, Tabula Rasa is essential for fans not only of Power Metal, but Heavy Metal in general.

4 Star Rating

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Tabula Rasa
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Tabula Rasa, Pt. 2 (Nothing At All)
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Twisted Kind of Fate
All Rights Reserved
Urban Breed - Vocals
Tomas Olsson - Guitar
Henrik Olsson - Guitar
Johan Sohlberg - Bass
Fredrik Bergh - Keyboards, Vocals
Pelle Εkerlind - Drums
Record Label: Blistering Records


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