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Bloodevil - Infection Award winner

by Michael Coyle at 06 October 2014, 9:53 PM

Time for an Italian Thrash invasion mixed in with some Death to ensure the end of humanity; it's time for an infection!!

A little something different than usual, with both melodic and heavy riffs, this band brings a little mixture of everything for everyone. We begin with the track “Apocalypse”; the song starts off with with a simple, yet very catchy opening riff, which buids up to bring a heavy relentless vocal, with an opening and powerful blast of drums As I continued to listen on, I found some very familiar styles within this track, some at the begining have a very TRIVIUM like taste, this can be said for the guitars and the vocals, in my own opinion, it reminds me of “Shogun”-era TRIVIUM, with an extra added aggresion, though besides this, there was a MEGADETH influence to which I caught near the middle of the solos that reminded me of an old age Dave Mustaine type playing. All in all, I really enjoyed what this track had to offer and I think many will agree with me on that.

So we now head on over to “Biowar”, another strong sounding title which does keep to its name. The opening starts with a similar style as with the previous track, but at least there is a difference when it comes to the vocals. I thought that the vocal style through this track had a very TESTAMENT, Chuck Billy style of singing, both energetic and strong, which gives a very grand stance for the song in general. In all honesty, this track shares different types of influences, both a TESTAMENT and a DEATH ANGEL kind of flow, but as well, it holds a sound that these guys have been able to create by using these influences they have basically created, and a sound that has a old school thrash style with a newer and groovier way of doing it.

To conclude, I can say that they don't keep to normal Thrash standards, but if you ask me, that is a great thing to do. These guys have taken the inspiration that they have and mixed it with something new, creating a groovier, more powerful way of playing. The band has a very PANTERA, TESTAMENT feel about them, both vocally, and guitar wise, so really just to say, if you like powerful, groove based music, then these guys are the band for you.

4 Star Rating

1. The Beginning
2. Souldestroyer
3. Biowar
4. The Skies Become Dark
5. Apocalypse
6. Infection
7. Bloodevil
8. Time for Dying
9. We Will Fight 'Till Death
10. Epilogue of War
11. …The End
Salvatore Pluchino - Bass
Salvatore "Skizzo" Li Causi - Drums
Angelo Bissanti - Vocals, Guitars
Record Label: EBM Records


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