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Bloodgod - Pseudologia Phantastica

Pseudologia Phantastica
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 12 December 2013, 2:15 PM

Quite an enigma this one, those it was rather easy to comprehend its disposition, a plausible futile attempt of tribute to the past, a refinement of the old guard, but on the other hand, maybe I am missing the point. However, after listening carefully for several times to the same three tracked EP, my wondering ceased, and I came to the ultimate conclusion that maybe the effort was premature. The Dutch trio of BLOODGOD originated from an extreme Metal scene with a royal past behind it as a safeguard, representing one of the many within the selection of the new generation of local Death Metal, this band let out its first EP / Demo, “Pseudologia Phantastica”, with an intention to relive the past but with a powerful heave of the present. They still have a lot of road to cover before reaching the matching kind of intensity, profanity and acuteness of their early 90’s predecessors, yet there is a small light bulb working at the far edge of the tunnel.

Infusing present grooves, while also sticking up to PANTERA at times and a little Thrash, BLOODGOD depicts the basics of Death Metal, yet a tad swayed into its modern form rather than the charring, gory and anti-religious bygone. There are selective moments where I deemed BLOODGOD to be on the way towards something while inaugurating points that displayed decent riffing (though some drenched with banality), nonetheless those instants faded as both guttural and screeching vocalists opened their throat to the world. Therefore, often the songs on “Pseudologia Phantastica” sounded like a round of instrumentals with special vocal appearances. “Wrecking Ball Surprise”, encrusted by modern Thrash and additional groove, opened up a few possibilities for this crew with the overall cool vibe. However, and other tunes will show as well, the material lacks depth, and in a manner, of personality. As I mentioned earlier, it is only the beginning, but I felt that this EP was released with haste, and it could have waited until these guys would come up with something improved.         

2 Star Rating

1. Heist
2. Wrecking Ball Surprise
3. Bloodgod
Johnny Derechos – Drums
Frank Van Boven – Bass / Vocals
Daan Douma – Guitars / Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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