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Bloodjinn - This Machine Runs On Empty (CD)

This Machine Runs On Empty
by Grigoris Chronis at 09 February 2008, 4:11 PM

NWOABHM (New Wave Of American Heavy Metal) and/or Metalcore has succeeded in bringing the interest of juvenile metalheads on the forefront, the last years. Even if the 'metal' term does not apply that much in my ears, it'd be - at least - unfair to neglect a fresh breeze around, especially in the 21st century. BLOODJINN released their newest This Machine Runs On Empty album in March 2007 through Pluto Records; now the album receives European release/distribution through Listenable Records.
The label's name (and 'market' personality) alone can stand in front of the whole band/album, as the mere 'what's-it-all-about' account. BLOODJINN breathes life for nearly nine years now and had already released three full-lengths (plus their To Bleed The Demon debut EP in late '99/early '00). The first thing I noticed on this release was the in-equilibrium in Joel's vocals. 'Sharp' and aggressive, yet they do not feature any variety at all. If it wasn't for the interesting and (at times) diverse guitar themes, we'd be talking for a quite average release. Taking it to the 'instruments' section, the leads are also notable; intelligent, equally diving in the past (e.g. Bay Area Thrash or even the IRON MAIDEN-driven twin leads) while also flirting with the present times (modern American aggressive PANTERA-influenced music), despite the fact that you won't escape thinking you're dealing with a quintet (partially or merely) focusing in the TRIVIUM-meets-GOD FORBID-meets-SHADOWS FALL.
Is there something really special 'bout this band? Well, I'd dare to be rather skeptic towards this possibility. The truth is BLOODJINN is a band trying hard to expose a well-worked option of NWOAHM/Metalcore music, but…will they be capable (or lucky, or pushed or whatever) enough to be a 'distinguished' enough in the relative typhoon? They do, however, deserve an elementary gratitude, that's for sure.

3 Star Rating

In The First Degree
Break The Silence
Mirrored Human
Truth Within
A Moment Of Clarity
The Machine Runs on Empty
The Unloved
Inhale Exhale
See Through
Joel - Vocals
Kile - Guitar
Jeff - Guitar
Bob - Bass
Brian - Drums
Record Label: Listenable Records


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