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Bloodlet - Embrace / Entheogen (Reissue)

Embrace / Entheogen (Reissue)
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 19 March 2014, 11:43 PM

BLOODLET was an early Metalcore band, formed in Florida in 1992, from the pieces of a previous Hardcore band called SOLID ANSWER. This review is a collection of their first demo song called “Embrace”, along with their subsequent album entitled “Entheogen”. Early incantations of the group suffered from many line-up changes and a hectic touring schedule.  Recently they reunited to play the A389 Records X Anniversary Bash in Baltimore, PA.

The demo track “Embrace” really smacks of that 90’s Hardcore, metallic sound. Scott Angelacos’s vocals are raspy and shouted, and the song has that menacing low-end sound to it.  I hear Hardcore; perhaps a pre-cursor to Metalcore, but not Metalcore itself as we have come to know it. Segueing to the album “Entheogen”, the angry assault continues. The instrumentation is minimal, probably to keep the focus on the drawn out, wailing vocals.

In “Something Wicked”, the dirty, grinding riff drives the song forward, and then a key change into a breakdown before it circles back to the main riff.  There is a definitely grungy feeling to the guitar tone, and a post 80’s Punk sort of influence here. “Annulment” features some nifty drumming and some whining type of lead guitar work that add some more evil to the track. “One and Only” grinds to a slow, thumping riff, and features a bass interlude. It is a menacing track that can move the listener on an angry, emotional level. The album continues forward in a very similar way. “The Triumph” throws in some dissonance to the supporting guitar work, and a long, instrumental section that leaves you with a very despondent feeling. “95” is a particularly incensed track, with a rhythm that is easy to bang your head to.  I like this track best.

Overall this is very consistent, hard driving Hardcore / Post Hardcore type of music. It’s not something they experiment with or add a lot of depth to…rather it is presented very straightforward with a focus on pounding Heavy Metal.  The basis for all of the tracks is the low E string, drop-tuned. It is evil, brutal music, but there is just not enough going on here for me in terms of variegate.  

3 Star Rating

1. Embrace
2. Brainchild
3. Something Wicked
4. Annulment
5. One and Only
6. Shell
7. CPAI 75
8. The Triumph
9. Eucharist
10. 95
11. CPAI 76
Scott Angelacos - Vocals
Matt Easley – Guitars
Jeremy Illges – Guitars
Shane Mills - Bass
Seth Hallman - Drums
Record Label: A389 Recordings


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