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Bloodletter - Funeral Hymns

Funeral Hymns
by Kevin Lewis at 28 December 2020, 10:19 PM

BLOODLETTER is a Chicago, Illinois based Thrash Metal band formed in 2013. This is a four-piece ensemble that loves to show off their speed and technical prowess by absolutely brutalizing your senses with a hyper-speed assault. "Funeral Hymns" is their second full-length offering. Released digitally in September independently, the physical release will be on January 22, 2021 through Petrichor Records.

The record kicks off with “Absolution Denied”, which starts with a more melodic intro that belies what is beyond. You don’t have to wait long though. About a minute in, the song kicks off at breakneck speed and never lets offs the gas. Rapid-fire drums and a bass beat that chugs along underlying the guitar riff with a powerful ferocity, the twin guitar attack is heavy and worthy of the thrash label. Gritty vocals round out the song, giving it that modern thrash sound.

“Funeral Bell” and “Burnt Beyond Recognition” both come out all guns blazing. No melodic intro, just straight to full-speed and never look back. The briefest of respites are provided for the guitar solo. Catch your breath while you can, because the pace is going right back to frenetic. “Mark Of Justice” comes out swinging, but drops in some cool guitar fills over the blast beats.

With additional songs like “Guillotine” and “Disinterment”, these guys take on the classic thrash themes of death and destruction. The furious pace this band maintains throughout these songs is killer. Bringing the album to its’ logical conclusion is “I Am The End”, another ripper that just solidifies this band is here to crush the competition. Forget the “Big 4” of thrash. Those guys are old and slow compared to this next generation thrash.

BLOODLETTER is new school thrash. Fast and heavy with blast beats and pounding bass lines carrying the guitars along, giving them room to run wild and free. The guitars use a coordinated rhythm, offset tones and wild fills to weave layer after layer of sound over the listener. The vocalist does not try to sing or croon, there are no high-pitched screams. He goes down into the guttural range and assaults your senses with a rapid delivery that draws your attention and captivates you.

The record is pretty well produced and mixed. There are no serious glitches or weird “where did that come from” moments. The overall sound is solid and consistent. BLOODLETTER has delivered a good record that should them on the thrash metal map. When touring resumes, they should hit the road with bands like VICIOUS RUMORS or HAVOK or TESTAMENT. That would be a killer tour! Until then, we have this record to listen to to keep us entertained.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  8
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Absolution Denied
2. The Grim
3. Funeral Bell
4. Burnt Beyond Recognition
5. Death Masks
6. Mark Of Justice
7. Blood, Bone & Ash
8. Guillotine
9. Disinterment
10. Hang
11. I Am The End
Pat Armamentos – Guitar
Pete Carparelli - Guitar/Vocals
Adam Payne - Bass
Zach Sutton - Drums
Record Label: Petrichor Records


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