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Bloodletter – Malignancy Award winner

by Craig Thrasher Rider at 14 June 2015, 11:24 AM

“Brutal Thrash Metal at its finest” as described on their facebook page, I 100% agree.

Here we have a fine band from Chicago, Illinois. I'll get straight down to it, if you love TOXIC HOLOCAUST (one of my all time favourite Thrash Metal bands) SLAYER and EXODUS for example, then stop reading and just go listen to this great band!

But of course keep on reading… We have a fine EP “Malignancy” to enjoy.

Being a “Thrasher” as I describe myself, I was proud to take on this EP of greatness.

Beginning with a typical introduction we enter the world of Thrash Metal as you'd expect… Transcending into “Reputation For Cruelty” we have a very short thrashing masterpiece ahead of us, but it did leave me repeating it in preparation for this review, and it was worth it.

Blackest Mass” introduces a thrash about like none other. The vocals are damn great with a powerful tone to it, with powerful, blasting instrumentation to boot, you're in for a mighty blast of rage!

For bands such as this, I have a pure passion for because the music is so true to itself and enjoyable until the very end. If I'm fit enough I'll always support them Live where possible. There is just something about Thrash Metal that escapes any possible nonsense and leaves me happy. I love it.

I love titles like “Skullsplitter” it's VERY short but it's a couple minutes of thrashtacular immense.

Almost reminds me of MEGADETH's “Headcrusher” but shorter and much, much faster.

Want short? “Poisonous Affair” is a minutes worth explaining how all the drama we all encounter in everyday can basically go… Fuck itself!
I 100% agree.

Now we have the title track, “Malignancy” which gives us a taste of fancy, thrashing riffs that just makes me get my air guitar out. This is one of the shortest EP's I have come across but it is a nice taste of what to expect for the full length album.

Being a thrash fanboy, and thanks to Metal-Temple, I have discovered a fine band I wouldn't have without them, and I will most certainly be keeping an eye out for them in the future. For a first attempt at releasing music, this is a killer and shouldn't be overlooked for you thrashers out there!

…And Metalheads in general.

4 Star Rating

1. In These Ruined Halls
2. Reputation For Cruelty
3. Blackest Mass
4. Skullsplitter
5. Poisonous Affair
6. Malignancy
Jason – Guitar
Pete – Guitar/Vocals
Tanner – Bass
Zach – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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