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Bloodmouth - Unmanned Award winner

by Justin Joseph at 20 January 2022, 10:40 PM

There exists a rather enticing quality where anger and art is concerned, for the offspring of such is a piece that bares a sense of honesty to the ink laid upon it's flesh. For it is like one who fashions his dagger not with the intent for its steel to be revered and garner praise for its craftsmanship, rather for it to be slick with the blood of he who is loathed, in other words the weapon that is forged will surely echo forth it's diabolical hymn in tangent with the venom that courses through the veins of the one who wields it.

"Unmanned" by BLOODMOUTH is a perfect testament where the fusion of unrelenting aggression and music can coexist within one entity. It is an album that needs not explore any depths to magnify its persona, for it is like wanting to enhance the features of a ravenous wolf where hunger clings to its stomach and death stings it's eyes, such creation and venom needs not any more depth, for it is perfect in its own representation. Such is the same with "Unmanned", as it's musical bloodlines drink upon the well that is malice, where the instruments that resonate on the album becomes the mere sound of unrefined hate.

Tracks such as "Name of The Dog", "With Pliers" and "Sharpening Stone" demonstrate the pure visceral emotions that is brought forth in short bursts of 1 minute lengths, where the Instrumentation and vocals are utilized to their utmost capacity, like a razor that slithers across a jugular vein releasing life in a rapid pulsating manner, so too does the tracks in the album breathe in their assault.

However, the element which stands out to me is the vocal delivery as it represents the tongue in which this vile poison is spewed from, and to me this is what bestows onto "Unmanned" the most natural and unhindered energy, which is human scorn and rage.

BLOODMOUTH shows that for extremity to be unleashed one needs not fashion the most technical sounds, instead, if the ability to channel the feeling that festers and scrapes at the mind, to give a voice to that emotion. Then there is no need for complexities or frivolous musical architecture. For this very reason is why I would say "Unmanned" is an excellent release.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Dragged Across the Threshold
2. Spoiled Gaze
3. Matsutake Inheritence
4. The Name of a Dog
5. Flesh Ceremony
6. Tomb of the Stoat
7. Zootrotic Convulsions
8. Copcrocalypse 1312
9. Pneumatic Internals
10. With Pliers
11. Pangolin Death Squad
Record Label: Brilliant Emperor Records


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