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Bloodred - The Raven's Shadow

The Raven's Shadow
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 28 May 2020, 4:16 AM

People always look for a new ‘Metal Saviour’, the new band that would bind every Metalhead together, as IRON MAIDEN and METALLICA did in the past. Many point to UK or USA as the birthplace of such name. But why in the blazes everyone forget Sweden, Finland and Germany? These countries have an immense tradition, and Germany is relevant as USA and UK since the 70’s. Without trying to be the savior of Metal, BLOODRED comes as an heir of German Metal scene, storming the ears of all with “The Raven’s Shadow”.

The music of the band is a form of melodic Blackened Death Metal, pulsing with a raw energy and an aggressive insight tempered by fine and melodic arrangements. There’s a harsh and melancholic feeling similar to that one that sometimes can be heard on old AMON AMARTH albums, along with a good technical insight. In the end of all words, the album is a very good surprise, indeed. The sound production was done by Alexander Krull, who mixed and mastered the album. The result is a sound quality that mixes the harsh and crude feeling of Death Metal with a modern and clean approach that allows the listeners to understand what the band is expressing on their songs. It’s a very good work, and the artwork created by Stefan Heilemann is excellent, creating that hard and bitter visual impact that shows the musical inner core of the album.

All the 9 songs of “The Raven’s Shadow” are very good, but the brutal and introspective ambiance of “Immense Hall of Agony” and “Hör den Tod” (both with excellent guitar riffs), the brutality exposed on “Blood on Thy Hands” (the drums are playing fast and furious, keeping the weight of the songs along with bass guitar), the melancholic touch on the aggressive harmonies of “We Who Ruled the North”, the catchy rhythm of “Under the Sun”, and the nine minutes of contrasts presented by “The Northstar Whispers (To the Blacksmiths Son)” are the finest ones.

BLOODRED really can be great one day with the right sharpening of its own musical features, but for now, listening to “The Raven’s Shadow” is a very good experience.

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. The Raven’s Shadow
2. Immense Hall of Agony
3. Hör den Tod
4. Blood on Thy Hands
5. Raise the Mound
6. We Who Ruled the North
7. Shadow Warrior
8. Under the Sun
9. The Northstar Whispers (To the Blacksmiths Son)
Ron Merz - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Joris Nijenhuis - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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