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Bloodred - The Raven's Shadow Award winner

The Raven's Shadow
by Laura Glover at 06 September 2020, 6:58 AM

Solo project, BLOODRED, headed by Ron Merz of Germany; released their debut album four years ago. After that album became popular, BLOODRED is back again with his newest album “The Raven’s Shadow”. To many, the crow is a very spiritual creature. To those who follow spiritualism in various forms, the crow represents transformation and change. Ever watchful beings with sharp eyes and powerful foresight. Rife with atmospheric and melodic back metal vibes, let’s take a look into what this album is about. One of the first things I look at when I get a new promo kit is to go to the bands Facebook page, where I check out how many people like them and what their page looks like as a whole. So, the first thing I noticed about BLOODRED is that he has a good amount of likes for this being a second album. Usually a god sign. But, having done a “taste test” on the “The Raven’s Shadow”, I can tell you straight off….. this guy earned his likes as the album plays well. So, let’s talk about why it plays well.

The Raven’s Shadow” - There is only one sound I love more in metal than melodic/symphonic notes, and that sound is atmospheric metal. And this song combines melodic and atmospheric, for that trance like sound. However, don’t let its sweet intro fool you, there’s plenty face melting riffs to follow. This is a song with much depth, many layers. All put together with a haunting air. The guitar is on point, as well as the theme for the song. Let’s also not forget to mention the double bass drum that makes the song pop. “Hör den Tod” - There is a beat throughout this song that is highly reminiscent of being in a carnival funhouse. Backed by Ron’s deep, and full-bodied voice. This is a fast-paced song that takes you on a wild ride. It would be a GREAT song to mosh to with its forceful notes. There is no softness to this song, just scorching intensity. “Who Ruled the North” - Melodic notes and fast plucking combine for a powerful sounding song. Superbly played notes on guitar, leading notes. Which creates a sound that grabs you by the proverbial hand and takes you where it wants to go. The depth lies in the songs many layers, complex sound to tickle the eardrums just so.

Shadow Warrior” - The title brings to mind one who is doing their own shadow work, and therefore becomes the “shadow warrior” in their own life. Some of the most difficult times are when we don’t want to face something but arrive anyway. Bravery is not lack of fear, bravery is showing up anyway. Even though your sword may be shaking! And that right there is what this song comes across for me. I will definitely say, I like Ron’s writing style and themes. “The NorthStar Whispers (To the Blacksmiths Son)” - This song has an incredible intro that sort of reminds me of a Game of Thrones theme. Then the beautifully played keyboards roll in and steal the thunder! This would be my favorite song on this album. I very much love its sound as a whole. Very melodic and atmospheric, like I mentioned before. It’s like a wave and if you close your eyes, your mind can surf it.

The Raven’s Shadow” is a stunning album of many layers and much depth. A theme, a story, put forth by a master storyteller. Both in words and notes. I foresee BLOODRED gaining in popularity in the future. I would love for his next album to come across my desk in promos. I see much good in store for BLOODRED! Totally, definitely….check this album out!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. The Raven’s Shadow
2. Immense Hall of Agony
3. Hör den Tod
4. Blood on Thy Hands
5. Raise the Mound
6. We Who Ruled the North
7. Shadow Warrior
8. Under the Sun
9. The Northstar Whispers (To the Blacksmiths Son)
Ron Merz – Everything
Record Label: Massacre Records


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