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Bloodride – Idiocracy Award winner

by Thomas Kumke at 16 January 2022, 8:05 PM

Thrash Metal band BLOODRIDE were formed in 2000 and they are from Helsinki, Finland. During their 20+ year career they released two demos, one EP, and “Idiocracy” is their fourth full-length album. It has a length of more than 39 minutes, and it was released via French label Great Dane Records which is specialized in Heavy, Thrash, and Death Metal.

As someone who grew up at the beginnings of Thrash Metal, I was really excited about the new BLOODRIDE album. I believe the well-tried old school Thrash Metal equation still works even after almost 40 years and BLOODRIDE prove this with “Idiocracy”. One part of this equation is: start the album fast and furious. Here come “Rapid Fire” and “Burn Perfection”: excellent old school Thrash Metal riffing, aggression, speed, harsh trashy vocals with occasional growls and screams, and contributing lead guitar solos. “Rapid Fire” is a fast song with tight guitar riffing and a towards mid-tempo sing-along chorus. There is a mid-tempo break with the lead guitar solo which is direct and not overly playful. “Burn Perfection” is an early EXODUS-type of track with staccato riffing, crunching bass lines all played blisteringly fast. The short mid-tempo break has a few SLAYER vibes in the guitar riffing. The lead guitar solo near the end is pretty technical but very contributing. An insane three minutes of finest Thrash and one of my album highlights.

Stranger Roots” leans more towards mid-tempo and the grooves start kicking in. The vocals follow the TESTAMENT path with harsh vocals between the medium to low end of the vocal range. There are occasional growls, but Jyrki Leskinen does not use the classical highly pitched Thrash Metal vocals. “Stranger Roots” sounds dark and gloomy in particular towards the end of the track. “Hate Of Hatred” has a few tempo changes. It starts at high speed with transitions towards mid-tempo during the chorus sections. The chorus part includes Hardcore inspired background vocals. “Fleshless” and “Preacher To The Choir” are another old school classics, where “Fleshless” is played at insane speed with flesh-ripping guitar riffs and lead guitars. “Preacher To The Choir” has a measured start with epic, almost classical melodies, before it transitions into a faster than mid-tempo type of track. The chorus part goes back to the melodic theme from the beginning with the vocals (and background vocals) following the melodies. Regarding the sound, “Preacher To The Choir” is a welcomed change keeping things fresh.

Inviting Darkness” is a little bit of the mix between the insane “Burn Perfection” and the melodic approach of “Preacher To The Choir” where the highlights are the riffing and the lead guitar solo. “Limited” and “Thoughts And Prayers” are fast and direct songs with a number of tempo changes going back and forth. In both songs, the lead guitar solos are played during the fastest part of the track, and they raise the aggression level to maximum level, they are sharp, and melodic. “Bow To Disorder” goes again back to the early EXODUS roots but includes a very own melodic note during the chorus sections and plenty of grooves.

Zombie Walk” introduces a slightly different approach, the track has more complex textures, a more bass-driven rhythm as well as more melodies. The final track “Cast Out From Idiocracy” is another vicious high-speed banger with the staccato type of riffing which may sound familiar to the aforementioned Bay Area Greats. It is another highlight and an excellent way to finish the album (In the meantime you probably know what type of Thrash Metal I love!). “Cast Out From Idiocracy” is the official video release of the album and the YouTube link is given below.

BLOODRIDE do what they do best: they deliver excellent Thrash Metal albums. They have a clear concept and the album is built around that and also towards the strengths of BLOODRIDE which are the guitars. “Idiocracy” goes back to the early Thrash Metal beginnings of the Bay Area and the tracks offer a very good mix of insane speed and aggression, mid-tempo grooves, and melodies. That keeps the album interesting to listen and is evidence for good songwriting. The album is well produced. “Idiocracy” should be part of the collection of every Thrash Metal fan.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  9
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Rapid Fire
2. Burn Perfection
3. Stranger Roots
4. Hate Of Hatred
5. Fleshless
6. Preacher To The Choir
7. Inviting Darkness
8. Limited
9. Thoughts And Prayers
10. Bow To Disorder
11. Zombie Walk
12. Cast Out From Idiocracy
Jyrki Leskinen – Vocals
Teemu Vähäkangas – Guitars
Simu Partanen ­ Guitars
Petteri Lammassaari – Drums
Esa Pennala – Bass
Record Label: Great Dane Records


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