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Bloodrocuted - Doomed To Annihilation (Reissue)

Doomed To Annihilation (Reissue)
by V.Srikar at 22 July 2015, 9:53 PM

It’s so easy to stereotype bands just by their names and the album names, and modern bands have proven us wrong time and again. Death Metal-ish named BLOODROCUTED’s debut full length “Doomed To Annihilation” (which is also more of a Doom Metal record name) is like a slap on the face for all the genre stereo typists in the metal circuit (including me). Originally released independently on Sept 2013, this beauty of an album is being reissued by Punishment 18 Records this May 25th, and the album does really pack a punch or two.

The album starts off with the title track “Doomed to Annihilation” where the mid-tempo haunting solo slowly moves into a full-fledged Thrash Metal song totally surprising the listener. Once the real sound is eminent, the music is quite easy on the ears for a seasoned Thrash fan, what with the juicy riffage and mid-tempo screaming vocals going around, you got something going on here. The album goes on full throttle with “Violent Vortex” as the riffs scream out for your attention and are the driving force behind this album, but what mostly works right for BLOODROCUTED is the unique and innovative riffs they bring in every now and then in each song. The band has made the most of the duel guitarists they got, as the lead and rhythm guitars really have their share of limelight in the entire album. “Whispering Death” brings in a punkish feel while still managing to sound fast and almost Speed Metal-ish. The album keeps you interested for most part, but does pale a bit in the latter half, mostly from “Screams at Night”, as the band seems to struggle to bring in innovative riffs and new song structure to keep the album alive. While the songs aren’t bad per-se, they seem to just lack the freshness and innovative riffs that we as listeners crave for. There are still good shit going on with “War Chronicles” and “A Genocide Awaits”, the latter which actually is one of the more impressive songs on offer here for the new song structure and riffs that we get to listen.

As a whole, with polished production and great riffs, this debut record of the Belgium Thrashers is worthy of your time and does bring a new side of Thrash to the table, all under 28 min. Thrashers should dig this.

4 Star Rating

1. Doomed to Annihilation
2. Violent Vortex
3. Venom of Hate
4. Whispering Death
5. Excision of the past
6. Screams at Night
7. War Chronicles
8. A Genocide Awaits
Daan Swinnen - Bass, Backing Vocals
Bob Briessinck - Lead Guitars, Lead Vocals
Jason Bond - Rhythm Guitars, Backing vocals
Geetan De Vos - Drums
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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