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Bloodspot – To The Marrow Award winner

To The Marrow
by Jess at 15 May 2017, 7:32 PM

BLOODSPOT is a Thrash and Death Metal band from Germany, born in 2006. From that time, they have played relentlessly in support to “Embrace The End” (2011) and “By The Horns” (2013). They are back with their third full-length album “To The Marrow” released in December 2016. This politically charged album comes in with ten tracks and a listening time of about 38 minutes.

The opening track “The Act Of Fame” comes in full force. Drums roaring, bass chugging, guitars ripping and vocals barking. Blast beats make up this track in its whole, however, there are some nice rhythm changes throughout. The guitars are so fast and performed remarkably. The bass is there and does its job, I just wish it was more profound. The guitars are phenomenal; a real classic. The vocals are low, biting, and raw. I have a fond place in my heart for these vocals. They are unique on their own and they add a great flare to the music.

The title track, and track three, “To The Marrow” is an almost Thrash anthem. The drums aren’t as fast, but the guitars are furious, so it still keeps an incredibly quick tempo. The bass is in there lingering in all the right places. This is by far one of the best tracks on the album. The intricate detail intertwined within such a rapid blast track is inspiring.

Holy bass, track four, “Kein Mensch Ist Illegal” is full of it. The track is naturally lower than previous tracks, and the bass is perfect, receiving some much-needed love. The track plays very quickly for a five-and-a-half-minute piece. I enjoyed the diverse tempos, tones, and techniques this track has to offer. The guitars are great and the drums keep that tempo changing concise. The vocals are a bit more interesting in this track, as some are spoken and some are biting your head off. This is perfection in a song.

A Wonder Of Vows”, track six, had me a bit confused at first. While the bass is phenomenal and as well as the guitars and drum work, there was something very off, but it quickly transformed into one of the best tracks on the album. It’s hard to explain the offness, then the absolute gloriousness that follows. This track is a little less hard and heavy in every aspect, but it is interesting and full of emotion.

Track eight “The Feat Of The Leading Needs” is heavy, fast, and a complete throat punch of goodness. The vocals have a great range, as far as growls are concerned. There is a fun instrumental section that allows the bass to show off its chunky glory. This is another intriguing track that has something a little different at every rhythm change.

The final track, “Lower The Cut” finishes the album out in a fast and furious fashion. The guitars are ripping through, the drums are blasting away, and the bass gets even more love in this track, especially towards the end. It’s heavy and an easy head banger for sure. “Lower The Cut” is a perfect way to round this excellent album out.

 BLOODSPOT’sTo The Marrow” is hard, gritty, and downright pleasing Death Metal. I tend to be very picky on my breed of Death Metal, and tend to have a harder time with Thrash, but BLOODSPOT takes all the elements, reigns them in, and creates an amazing album with so much to offer. My advice: get this album. It will not disappoint.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Act Of Fame
2. Embrace The End
3. To the Marrow
4. Kein Mensch Ist Illegal
5. Economic Eradication
6. A Wonder Of Vows
7. Public Porn
8. The Feast Of the Leading Needs
9. Average White Running Caverns
10. Lower The Cut
Pete - Vocals
Björn - Drums
Jaro - Bass
Howdie - Guitar
Marius - Guitar
Record Label: Bret Hard Records


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