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Bloodstrike - Execution of Violence Award winner

Execution of Violence
by Dana Lautzenheiser at 21 December 2017, 8:41 AM

Denver based death metal band BLOODSTRIKE,released their second album “Execution of Violence” on October 13, 2017. The band was formed in 2013, released a three-song demo, was signed to Redefining Darkness records, and released “In Death We Rot”, their first album, in 2015. BLOODSTRIKE resurrects an old school Swedish death metal sound evoking comparisons to ENTOMBED, BOLT THROWER, and DISMEMBER, among others. BLOODSTRIKE gained an impressive following in the underground metal scene, bringing passion and depth to their macabre vintage style and they have returned to deliver another wave of brutality.

An atmospheric piano melody insidiously draws the listener into “Procreating for Death.” The music envelopes with dark creeping guitar riffs, and blast beats giving a brutal death metal sound. Holly’s vocals are grizzly and raw. BLOODSTRIKE goes straight for the kill. There is a certain infectious groove to the song, which will surely leave the listener feverishly anticipating the next track. “Creeper” has a thick, heavy bass line and crushing guitar riffs before the blast beats kick up into a fit of rage. Toward the end there is a doomy section that left me thirsting for more. An ominous guitar riff leads off “Emptiness of Life” and then sucks the listener into a grim pit of emptiness. “Ministry of Hate” sluggishly seeps into a vengeful metal ode as the onslaught of thrashy death metal delight continues.

“Corpses for Dissection” is immediately tempestuous; upbeat but violent. The theme of the guitar melody is foreboding over the slow, brooding bass lick, almost as though watching animated corpses seek recompense among the living. “Execution of Violence” rips. The song has sections of varying tempo and haunting guitar riffs over pernicious, gloomy bass notes. BLOODSTRIKE  executes the slaughter masterfully with ear curdling death metal in this title track.“Detest Morality” is sinister and militant; a credo of the unholy persuasion. “Whoremonger” delivers another wrathful metal siege festering with malice. BLOODSTRIKE executes the track with barbarous ferocity.

“Iron Rations” is a thrashy track, but it may be a bit lackluster in structure. The song seems to lack a memorable melody once it kicks up. Not altogether disappointing; just not a stand out track. “Hell’s Wasteland” has a compelling and foreboding quality about the guitar melody. BLOODSTRIKE finishes one last lashing with this track. Thematically on point, there is an evil undertone. The breakdown/ interlude section toward the end of the track will tempt the listener to hit repeat. BLOODSTRIKE sophomore creation is a masterfully written, cleanly produced homage to death metal. “Execution of Violence” leaves an indelible impression.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Procreating for Death
2. Creeper
3. Emptiness of Life
4. Ministry of Hate
5. Corpses for Dissection
6. Execution of Violence
7. Detest Morality
8. Whoremonger
9. Iron Rations
10. Hell’s Wasteland
Jeff Alexis- Guitar
Holly Wedel- Vocals
Joe Pike- Guitar
Alexander Bloom- Drums
Record Label: Redefining Darkness Records


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