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Bloody Alchemy - Reign Of Apathy

Bloody Alchemy
Reign Of Apathy
by Kai Naiman at 30 November 2019, 3:07 AM

France is a country that's recognized by many as one of Europe's most leading Death Metal forge houses - offering talents in the likes of KRONOS, GOJIRA and ALCEST, and even hosting one of the most rapidly growing Metal festival in the world, known as 'Hellfest'. Therefore, it might not surprise you that France's youth is rapidly growing to be a leading powerhouse in the genre, and BLOODY ALCHEMY are not any different. Formed just four years ago, in 2015, this talented bunch had already released an EP and a debut album, thus making "Reign Of Apathy" their sophomore full-length record to date. The material produced and performed on this record, especially in comparison with the band's publicity and relatively-small stature, is nothing short of an incredibly solid effort that would not disappoint any given listener.

Although not a common name among Metal fans, with "Reign Of Apathy"BLOODY ALCHEMY weighed in their take on a rather older-style Death Metal and, at times, even edged with Doom, Black and even Metalcore nuances. The band clearly knew what they were going for throughout the process of creating this album, and delivered some very sharp strain of tunes, and although they might not be the most creative or innovative moments of Metal, fans of the genre will appreciate the majority of the tracks on this album and the variety in the underlining tones that make "Reign Of Apathy" such an endearing record. "Look What You've Done" is a solid example of how versatile the band can get - with both its atmospheric prelude and melodic undertones, it remains true to the genre's roots.

The album begins with "Message For The Apathetic" - a single-minute-long spoken-word preface, backed by a dim white noise, and, if not counting the bonus track "Kill The Tyrants", closes with "A Perpetual Process" - one of the most melodic tracks on the record, virtually making it the most Melodic Death Metal the band sounds on the album. Following the sixth minute into "A Perpetual Process" a string orchestra enters and serves as a symphonic outro.

Accumulating a total of eleven tracks, "Reign Of Apathy" by BLOODY ALCHEMY is a slightly lengthy, yet overall solid record. It is clear that the band are still trying to find their own uniqueness, and try to fit themselves in among the higher caliber ranks of the French Metal acts. It is still early, and the band is a tad shy off from that achievement, but with the undeniable will they have shown on this record, one can expect that, sooner or later, their solstice will be upon them.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Message For The Apathetic
2. Betray The Braves
3. No Justice No Peace
4. Look What You've Done
5. We Strive Against
6. Alone
7. Martyrs
8. Battlefield
9. No One Talks, Everyone Walks
10. A Perpetual Process
11. Kill The Tyrants (Bonus Track)
Vic - Vocals, Guitars
Robin - Guitars
Lou - Drums
Record Label: M & O Music


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