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Bloody Blasphemy - Total Death Celebration

Bloody Blasphemy
Total Death Celebration
by Paul Carr at 08 September 2016, 8:14 AM

Bloody Blasphemy hail from Switzerland, a place previously not known for its Black Metal scene. After three well received EPs the band have released this, the band’s first full length album. As is the norm with Black Metal bands, the introduction is suitably ominous and foreboding. This gives way to the heavy and doom laden sounds of “Summon the Beast”. The band quickly lay the template for the rest of the album. Sheets of distorted guitar are layered over what sound like programmed drums. It’s a positive opening but somewhat let down by the vocals. One of the criticisms of this album is that the vocals often sound too cartoonish and can verge on pastiche. With songs of this length the vocals often become monotonous and one-paced. This is also a problem with the album in general. It is all too easy for your mind to wander mid-song only to return to hear the band hammering out the same riff. It doesn’t help that the production sounds so flat. Of course, making an album is an expensive business but the programmed drums can come across as horribly flaccid with little punch to them. The drums on “Free from the Pain of Salvation” sounds like the tap of an angry wasp trying to get out of a window rather than the sound of a marching procession into the abyss.

There are plenty of positives. Guitarist N.T.Christ is able to really demonstrate his ability over the course of the album. He adeptly moves between slabs of distortion and clean solo lines. “The Blood of the Christians” boasts some intricate guitar work that could grace a Mayhem album. The band play fast, hard and loud and clearly understand how to play Black Metal. Thematically, the band deals with the expected black metal themes of death, religion and nihilism but do so in a way as not to seem too contrived. One big criticism has to be aimed at the length of the songs on here. Many of the songs cry out for a good editor. There are too many wearisome and repetitive passages that add little to the song. When the band does hit on an interesting melody such as on “To the Eternal Fields of Infernal Blasphemy”, the song really opens up and it’s clear what the band can offer the genre. However, it is frustrating that these sparks are often bookended by long tedious passages. On the whole, this is an average black metal album. Despite some interesting ideas it lacks the invention of the bands that defined the genre like IMMORTAL, MAYHEM and DARKTHRONE.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 5

3 Star Rating


1. Introduction
2. Summon the Beast
3. Free from the Pain of Salvation
4. From the Blood of the Christians
5. Des Feindes Tod
6. Total Death Celebration
7. Dawn of the Equinox
8. To the Eternal Fields of Infernal Blasphemy
9. (Un)heiliger Krieg
10. Resurrection of Darkness
11. Outroduction


Aonius    - Bass
N.T.Christ - Guitars
Regards - Vocals, Guitars
Necrodaemon - Guitars, Programming 
Record Label: Via Nocturna Records


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