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Bloody Terror - Diaboli Celeritate Award winner

Bloody Terror
Diaboli Celeritate
by Jessica Pearman at 06 January 2015, 4:21 PM

BLOODY TERROR, a Melodic Black Metal band hailing from Russia, released their sophomore effort after signing with Metal Scrap Records in November 2014. The band was created in 2010, releasing their first single, a cover of KALMAH’s “Dance of the Water”. They later released their debut full length “Shadow of Death”. After a line-up change, the guy’s creative direction changed a bit, creating “Diaboli Celeritate”.   “Diaboli Celeritate” “contains eight powerful songs of Melodic and furious Black Metal with a little Death Metal touches, demonic lyrics, and epic choirs.” There is a listening time of BLOODY TERROR is for fans of DIMMU BORGIR, CRADLE OF FILTH, ELUVEITIE, and obviously KALMAH.

 Track one, “Terror (Darkness Comes)” starts with a little Japanese Folk sound and slowly adds the bass, drums, and guitar to round out a truly unique intro sound. It then changes 180 to a much more aggressive Black Metal. The main vocals are ruff and gritty and the backup vocals are incredibly low and guttural. They are interesting to the mixture of music they have chosen to create. The guitar riffs are incredible. The drums are fast and really well done. I love that they don’t overpower the track, but are still in your face.

Devils Speed” is key heaven. They are almost outer space, atmospheric. There are so many vocals intertwined in this track and each hold their own beautifulness, but when they are put together, it was mind blowing how well it worked and how creative the track sounded. Choir, angelic vocals, mixed with the lead vocals, and then the guttural vocals added in for good measure. The drums again are incredibly fast and just done with extreme intelligence. The guitars and the keys fight it out a bit for a fun instrumental struggle.

Revelation” is another one where the keys really make it Atmospheric with a taste Symphonic and then add in the bits of Black and Melodic Metal. The guitars are so low. The keys with the drums keep this track on pace, but the lowness of the guitar riffs are immaculate.

Track seven “Eternal Life – Vampirism” starts with a great guitar riff that is higher than most of the tracks on the album, really allowing them to give a different tone to the track. The bass echoes the guitars in perfection. This track we get to hear a bit more of a Pagan Metal undertone.

“Diaboli Celeritate” is a great album. I really enjoyed the listen. It is completely creative and mixes genres, bursting through the barriers that tend to be placed on music. I also believe the mixing of the vocals is perfect. For those metal heads that like music that you can’t put under one genre, these are your guys. Check them out.

4 Star Rating

1. Terror (Darkness Comes)
2. Devils Speed
3. Winter’s Sunset
4. Magic of the Moon
5. Revelation
6. Life is a Dream
7. Eternal Life/Vampirism
8. Visions of Mortality
Mr. Styx – Vocals, Keys
Powersquad – Guitars, Drums
Brutal Baphomet – Bass, Vocals
Record Label: Metal Scrap Records


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Edited 31 January 2023

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